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07/10/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/10/2019 10:25

Introducing Twitter ArtHouse, helping brands create and optimize content

According to Nielsen, advertising creative is the top factor in driving sales*, so brands need to create content that drives brand love and business impact. That's why today, we're bringing together the combined power of our Creator management, video editing, and live broadcasting offerings under one roof: Twitter ArtHouse.

Twitter ArtHouse connects brands with the creative capital and talent of Influencers, Artists and Editors who can add a new dimension of relevance to their content. The global team brings together content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing specialists to help brands launch new products and connect to what's happening in culture.

Our mission is simple: to help brands design Twitter first content that moves people.

Creator Influence and Artistry

At Twitter ArtHouse, we help curate best-in-class Creators to develop ideas and assets on behalf of brands. We look at Creators through two lenses: Influencers with broader reach and Artists with creative craft. Influencers offer brands the ability to tap into unique voices and built-in fan bases, while Artists represent the slate of illustrators, animators, and videographers who bring craft to content and start with the mobile canvas.

In terms of creative performance, we partnered with Magna and IPG Media Lab on a Twitter-sponsored study that showed that Twitter users spend 24% more time with ads ** that come from Creators, as opposed to those posted directly by brands. Recall of branded creator posts also leads to 41% increased purchase intent** reinforcing the value of audience-first content.

On the Influencer front, Wendy's leverages Influential Creators to launch new products and connect with cultural moments. To launch their new S'Awesome menu items they partnered with comedic Creator Demetrius Harmon to take fans into a test kitchen where he created fan-fueled suggestions:

On the Artistic front, Google Brazil decided to fight bias with knowledge by inviting five artists to illustrate LGBTQ milestones in the fight for equality. Google also used a Twitter thread to amplify their support for Pride. Influencers in the LGBT community helped boost awareness of the thread:

In the past six months, we have doubled our efforts in Artistic Creators and have seen a 3x increase in visual campaigns in partnership with brands.

Video Editing and Optimization

As part of the Twitter ArtHouse offering, our video editors help brands optimize creative assets for the Twitter feed using data driven best practices. In partnership with GroupM***, we learned that compared to TV commercials, optimized videos achieve +19% in unaided recall and +6% in message association. We also found that video optimized for Twitter drives an increase of 33% (vs. non-optimized TVCs) in emotional engagement.*** Video editing is a quick turn solution - we can help brands turn around feed friendly assets in just a few days.

For Stitch Fix's 'Personal Styling' campaign, we helped optimize their existing asset to run as short form video in front of publisher content about awards season. Optimization included a :06 edit with the addition of branding and captions.

Live Brand Studio

On Twitter, brands can be Creators. Whether they're producing their own content or extending their sponsorships, brands are using Twitter to take center stage. Twitter Live Brand Studio is a service designed to help brands go live and maximize their own events and drive conversation on Twitter.

Since 2018, we've streamed over 100 brand-led live events and have helped marketers like AT&T and Samsung launch something new and connect with culture. For their 'Dive Bar Tour,' Bud Light live-streamed their Post Malone concert from an intimate venue in Nashville.

Over the course of 2018/19, brands came to Twitter to livestream news about product launches. To better understand how viewing led to increased awareness, Twitter's research team successfully executed four custom Twitter Insights Surveys amongst viewers who tuned in to the livestreams. We found that leveraging Live Brand Studio on Twitter can drive incremental awareness of a brand's new products, while offering users a front-row seat at the most exclusive launch events.

Brands are continually looking for smarter ways to develop feed-first content that brings something unique to the Twitter platform. When content connects with Twitter's influential, receptive audience it can make a product launch land, and even become a part of the cultural zeitgeist.

For more information please contact your Twitter representative.

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***Twitter-commissioned study: GroupM + Twitter, EyeSee, TVCs vs. Optimized Ads on Twitter, December 2018.