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10/27/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/27/2021 13:10

TWO-FACED: Vulnerable Valadao Voted to Defund Disaster Relief Before Asking for Disaster Relief

In an attempt to paper over his record of inaction and financial shadiness, David Valadao recently signed a letter asking President Biden to declare an emergency related to the drought and recent storms in California - despite the fact that Valadao previously voted multiple times against disaster funding to help his state.

In 2013, Valadao voted against increasing funding for FEMA to prevent natural disasters. In 2015, he also voted against an amendment to increase funding for inland oil spill programs. Now Vulnerable Valadao is joining his fellow vulnerable CA Republican Michelle Steel in trying to distract from his record of voting to defund disaster relief.

Perhaps Valadao is hoping his voters suffer from collective amnesia? Well, the Central Valley is well aware of Vulnerable Valadao's uncanny ability to speak from both sides of his mouth at once.

DCCC Spokesperson Adrian Eng-Gastelum

"While extreme heat and drought continues its assault on the Central Valley's economic and public health, David Valadao's votes to defund disaster relief prove disqualifying. Time and again Valadao puts his political career ahead of the well-being of his constituents. The families of California's 21st district cannot afford more of Valadao's empty actions and failures to deliver."