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New beach huts for sale in Felixstowe

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More people are being given the chance to enjoy the unique 'beach hut experience' in Felixstowe - with sale of new beach huts at The Dip.

Three new huts are now on site and available to buy at the cost of £18,000 at The Dip on Cliff Road, Felixstowe, by East Suffolk Council.

They are the first brand new sites to be offered by the local authority in this area for many years and are situated in a prime sea view location in Old Felixstowe.

In the long term, East Suffolk Council, which is the landowner and runs the beach hut and chalet service, hopes to create more new beach hut sites across the District.

The Dip area has space for 17 beach hut sites. Of these, one is being reserved for the exclusive use of the windsurfing club and another will be used by an existing beach hut owner relocating to The Dip, so in total 15 new beach huts could eventually come on to the market.

'East Suffolk Council is committed to making beach huts more accessible to a wider range of people. These new huts at the Dip are accessible and represent a fantastic opportunity for people to enjoy the unique beach hut experience in Felixstowe,' said Kerry Blair, East Suffolk Council's Head of Operations.

'The two main drivers of the beach hut review were to improve equality by increasing the opportunities for residents to have access to a beach hut, while also maximising the income generated from this resource to invest in core services.'

'The creation of new sites will provide additional funds to the council, thus reducing the burden on the East Suffolk tax payer.'

East Suffolk Council owns over 900 beach hut sites in Felixstowe.

During 2016 and 2017, a review was carried out of the service in support of the East Suffolk Business Plan aim to 'Increase the number of beach huts provided in the District'.

The beach hut programme aims to deliver new huts in a number of locations in Suffolk Coastal. Phase 1 of this programme was the identification of the 17 new hut sites at The Dip, Felixstowe, which received planning permission in autumn 2018.

There is a good access to this area from the public highway and the huts will be sited close to the sea front promenade. The huts would be of the same standard size, design and construction as existing huts in the area.

The approved planning application also allowed ESC to build a new car parking area on the land adjacent to the boatyard, which has space for a small number of vehicles allowing water sport enthusiasts to unload their equipment and provide easy access to the beach.

Full details of the new beach huts for sale can be found on the Scott Beckett Estate Agents website.