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10/08/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 10/08/2021 14:50

SLC Agrícola creates a pilot project for a Smart Yard at Fazenda Paiaguás (MT)

SLC Agrícola creates a pilot project for a Smart Yard at Fazenda Paiaguás (MT)

SLC Agrícola is developing a pilot project at Fazenda Paiagúas (MT) called Smart Yard, to implement improvements in the process of storing, block-stacking and shipping cotton bales. The objective is to turn manual tasks and processes into digital ones, using more technology at work, making it more efficient, with lower costs and traceability throughout the entire chain.

The project was developed by the IT and Mechanization Areas and has the systemic integration of qBen, the main cotton traceability software (intellectual property of SLC). Software from a third-party company (Agrinix) is also involved, which automates and optimizes storage operations, through RFID technology, involving input data, automated forklifts, digital storage maps and inbound and outbound movement control of the bales.

The initiative, put into practice this harvest (starting in July this year), is already providing improvements. Among them are reductions in operating costs, reductions in time and operational failures and complete traceability of the chain. "We have also already achieved a 40% increase in our block-stacking capacity and we have had savings in gas consumption, which is the fuel used in forklifts", emphasizes João Aranda, IT Services Coordinator at SLC Agrícola. "The second stage should start soon, with the installation of monitors so that everyone can follow the work in real time as well as a presentation of the first results obtained with the Smart Yard", he says.

Watch here the video.