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11/26/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/25/2018 19:56

Taichung City Government has developed the board game of「Instant savior」 To help the students how to differentiate the high risk family and enhance the capabilities of self[...]

Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government, has developed the board game of「Instant savior」to improve the concept of the students what a high risk family is; today (14th) was the final competition of「Instant savior-elementary school board game and painting competition」 and the Deputy Mayor Yi-ying Lin was there to award the winners. She expects the students will learn how to differentiate the family crisis and call for help through the games and competitions so they can enhance their capabilities of self protection and even expand their scope to protect their classmates.

166 participants from 29 schools have registered to join in the「Instant savior elementary school board game and painting competition」and this was the final competition of the board game with intense atmosphere. Both the individual and group winners have been awarded by Deputy Mayor Lin; the champion and the second winner of the individual competition are Jih-yu Chang and Jia-jer Lin from Rueisuei elementary school, Fengyuan District, respectively. The third and fourth places are Ping-ruei Huang from Chunghsiao elementary school, Western District and Tzu-wei Kuo from Hueiwen elementary school, Nantun District, respectively. As to the group competition, the champion was won by the Rueisuei elementary school, Fengyuan District, the second, third and fourth places went to Longjing elementary school, Longjing District, Nanyang elementary school, Fengyuan District and Jhong Hua elementary school, North District, respectively.

Deputy Mayor Lin said, Social Affairs Bureau has developed the very meaningful board game with the educational objectives to upgrade the capabilities of self protection and reduce the wrong reporting patterns of high risk family. By incorporating the high risk indicators of the children and juveniles into the games will drive the children and juveniles to learn how to react and ask for help when the family crisis recognized through the games and competitions. The citizens can learn what the high risk family would be and how to explore the potential high risk family with children and juveniles to enhance the social security networks.

Deputy Mayor Lin has reminded the students to utilize the high risk family indicators more to report to the teachers as appropriate and become the guards of the classmates if they found their classmates with some unknown injuries or wounds over the body, not eating frequently, attempting to commit a suicide or fights in the family etc..

The officer of Social Affairs Bureau said, the City Government has been facilitating the project of「The high risk family with children and juveniles care service」for more than 10 years. The case reports for the children and juveniles in the high risk family are increasing significantly during the recent years, more and more cases were reported from 2,233 cases in 2014, 2,282 cases in 2015, 2,540 cases in 2016 to 2,510 cases in 2017 which was the second high reporting rate; however, the high reporting numbers were accompanied by the high reporting errors leading the social workers to be exhausted in addition to the manpower and resources wasted.

Since the board game was published last year, there are 1,857 case reports collected by this October; compared with the 2,092 cases reported in 2017, the reporting rate decreased by 11.2% and the reporting errors were decreasing as well. It reflected the board game can help the people to know about the networks and the high risk family more to enhance the protection capabilities and be alerted.

Besides, the painting competition for the students of the lower grades in the elementary school allowed the students to paint for the roles in the games with bright colors and learn the characteristics of the roles. There were 15,000 painting papers for the painting competition were spread in total with more 8,000 copies passed back so the top three prizes were selected and additional 10 good prizes were screened out as well for awards. In order to recognize the participation of the children, another 6 special awards and 20 popular awards were identified.

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