Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning - Kingdom of Bahrain

07/09/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/08/2019 23:02

MOW Completes Arad Sewage Network Project 241

Sewage assistant undersecretary at MOW, Asmaa Jassim Murad, has stated that the ministry has finished the sewage network project of Arad (block 241), which aims to connect 100 properties in the area with sewage and to replace parts of the old sewage pipes in Streets 4501 and 4502.

She has stated that the project is considered one of the developmental projects within the government's work program in an extensive agenda that the ministry is carrying out to develop sewage services in Muharraq in order to provide infrastructural services as a national priority in the area.

She has also explained that the project consisted of creating 3300 meters of main lines, 2300 meters of secondary lines and 830 meters of deep lines. All of which led to the replacement of 781.63 meters of main lines and deep lines to have the capacity of future streams that will come from block 246 after building the sewage there. 541 inspection rooms were also made in addition to connecting the sewage of 100 properties in block 241 in Arad.

Moreover, she mentioned that the project auction was held previously by Tender Board, with Abdulhadi Al-Aafu Construction, amassed up to 2,025,559 BHD for this project.

The assistant undersecretary said that the ministry will ensure constant supervision on all of its projects, including the sewage projects, in order to fulfill the needs of citizens in the different areas of the Kingdom and provide better services.

It is worth noting that the Arad Sewage Network Project was carried out according to standards that achieve longevity and ensures a healthy environment for citizens. It is a conscious effort to utilize modern technology and to increase the absorptive capacity of the sewage system. This is all an effort towards the goal of providing a better lifestyle for all citizens, which aligns with the goals of The Economic Vision 2030. Furthermore, the ministry worked on improving sewage projects through the previous successful projects that contributed greatly to the development of this sector. This is all part of the strategic plan the ministry has carried out to achieve development for the sewage sector and to provide better services in all of the areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain.