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02/08/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/09/2021 06:43

Communication concernant un nouveau module eDesk: Formulaire « AML/CFT Market Entry Form » (Fonds et GFI) (uniquement en anglais)

The CSSF would like to communicate on the digitalisation of the AML/CFT Market Entry Form, previously under Excel dedicated form.

Aiming at collecting standardised key information in relation to money laundering and terrorist financing risks ('ML/FT risk'), the Market Entry Form will have to be filled out and submitted through our eDesk portal as from 15 February 2021.

This AML/CFT Market Entry Form has to be submitted by Funds regulated or authorised with a label and Investment Fund Managers ('IFM') supervised by the CSSF when submitting the following requests:

  • For a fund, upon authorisation & adding sub-funds;
  • For an investment fund manager, upon authorisation or registration, license extension & modification of qualified shareholding.

These requests are set as « parent request » and the Market Entry Form has to be submitted at the same time.

The AML/CFT Market Entry Form must be initiated and submitted by:

  • the compliance officer in charge of the control of compliance with the professional obligations1 ('responsable du contrôle du respect des obligations professionnelles' ('RC')) of the Fund respectively the IFM, or
  • the person responsible for compliance with the professional obligations2 ('responsable du respect des obligations professionnelles' ('RR')) of the Fund respectively the IFM.

The completion of the Market Entry Form, however, may be assigned within eDesk portal to another employee of the entity or third party, while bearing in mind that the ultimate responsibility for the adequate completion of the form shall remain with the 'RC' or 'RR'.

In order to allow users to become familiar with the new format and finalise the current ongoing requests, the CSSF has decided to put in place a one-month transition period ending on 15 March 2021. During this period, requests for the Market Entry Form may be submitted:

  • via eDesk for fund approval or email for any other request, using the current Excel dedicated form, or
  • via the new eDesk/AML/CFT Market Entry Form dedicated module.

Please note that, as from 15 March 2021, the only possible channel will be eDesk. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your next applications via the eDesk portal in order to get familiar with the new communication channel.

Please consult the user guide on eDesk portal for more details.

All information related to the creation of user account(s) is detailed in the lower section of the eDesk portal homepage.