House of People of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

01/13/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2018 01:33

The House of People Ratifies the Presidential Legislative Decree related to Establishing Medical Council in the Country

The House of People Ratifies the Presidential Legislative Decree related to Establishing Medical Council in the Country

Plenary session chaired by the house President, Abdul Rauof Ebrahimi, held at the National Assembly.

According to the agenda, the commission on medic authorities, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Seljoqi, and Dr. Gulala Nur Safi attended the session and delivered the Presidential Legislative Decree report related to establishing Medical Council in the Country.

According to the report, only four commissions of the house were against establishing of Medical Council the rest were agreed. The disagreed commissions called Medical Council against the law and an interference into the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Higher Education affairs. While, many members of the house called creating Medical Council is necessary. Therefore Medical Council goes to voting and it is confirmed by majority votes of the session.

In addition, the house commission on finance member, Monavar Shsh Bahadori, delivered report about decreasing AFG currency rate against $ Dollar , according to the report Director of Da Afghanistan Bank called the reason of decreasing AFG currency and increasing $ Dollar is insecurity, political tension and fled of investors in the Country.

Then, some of the MPs called a scrutiny of concerned authorities in this regard. Consequently, it was decided a joined meeting by attendance concerned authorities should be taken place. In the continuation, the session raised general public issues; some MPs called for international community consensus for cooperation with Afghanistan and requested the Government to use most benefits from the up coming International Community gathering related to Afghanistan.

Some MPs expressed their concern about presence of Deash in Nangarhar province and indicated besides Deash many civilians lost their life as result of foreigner forces bombarding, so this should be stopped.

Many MPs criticized 1397 year fiscal national budget unbalance and added many 1396 fiscal year projects have not completed and they should not be eliminated from 1397 year fiscal national budget.

The session once against discussed about National Assembly houses joined sessions regarding the population registration and called their decision against the law. Furthermore, the session indicated to installation of barbed wire on the border by Pakistan, criticizing Sayyid Ahmed Gailani's words based on existence the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, the Government incapability due to Durand Line and peace process, and Orazgon security commander corruption and broken the law, and the presidency wide formation and allocation of 200, 8000 AFG for consumption of presidential.

At the end, the house President, Mr. Ebrahimi called ethnic differences is not in the interest of the Country and criticized the Interior Ministry's unfair recruitment process. He expressed his concern about lack of security across the country and called for a comprehensive security strategy by security organs.

Plus, the house President, assigned the house special commission to pursue Ariana Afghan Airlines pilots exams.

Translation by Sadaat: January 13, 2018