Sberbank of Russia

06/18/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Good deals for everyone — small business support program SberRyadom relaunched with Mastercard

Sber and Mastercard are relaunching SberRyadom, a program designed for small business support.

SberRyadom motivates you to buy products and services from local entrepreneurs. The bank's retail customers using the SberSpasibo loyalty program are entitled to increased reward points up to 10% of the purchase when buying from small businesses participating in the SberRyadom program when paying with a SberBank-issued Mastercard. Merchant locations participating in the promo campaign will be mentioned on the project website and marked on 2GIS (Sber ecosystem member) maps. They will also have SberRyadom stickers on the checkout or their entrance door.

SberRyadom is available to small businesses that use merchant acquiring services and have a settlement account at Sber. The bank's ongoing corporate customers can join the campaign via the SberBusiness online banking in a few clicks. The companies that are not SberBank customers yet will need to fill in a questionnaire on the project website and submit an application to join SberRyadom. The project is free for both companies and individuals, with all the expenses covered by Sber and Mastercard.

The scale of the SberRyadom small business support initiative was so impressive that we have decided to re-launch the program together with Mastercard. The numerous awards the project has swept, and, most importantly, the growing number of its participants prove that this idea is relevant and timely. We launched the project in 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, realizing how important support was for entrepreneurs back then. At the same time, given the number of Sber clients, we were aware that we could really help businesses increase their sales. This year we have upgraded the technical part of the project, and now it will be even easier for entrepreneurs to register with SberRyadom and boost their sales using the SberBusiness online banking. As for customers, they will be able to continue to discover new places 'in their neighborhoods' and receive increased SberSpasibo reward points for their purchases.

Sergey Ganin

Head of Marketing Division of the Corporate and Investment Business, Sberbank

Last year's SberRyadom campaign enjoyed an amazing response from our clients, businesses, and professional community. Ample positive reviews, requests for renewal, the results of the campaign, and awards at festivals prove that. We are glad that this year, too, we will be able to support the business in this way, and our clients will continue to make their usual purchases and receive increased SberSpasibo reward points.

Andrey Pisarev

Director of the Loyalty Division, Sberbank, CEO of SberSpasibo Loyalty Program

Since the onset of the pandemic, Mastercard and its partners have rolled out several initiatives to support small and medium-sized businesses around the world, including in Russia. According to a study Mastercard conducted in September 2020, almost 80% of surveyed Russians choose stores in their neighborhood more often. We are happy to have relaunched our project with Sber, which will once again draw attention to entrepreneurs. By joining the Mastercard-Sber initiative, everyone can contribute to helping small businesses.

Vladislav Svyatik

Head of Sales, Mastercard Russia