Taichung City Government

09/28/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/28/2018 01:11

Taichung City Government introduces the special offering of「One ticket to Flora Expo with all pass for fun」to attract the international tourists to visit Taichung

Taichung World Flora Expo will be launched on 3rd November officially. In order to attract more international tourists, Tourism and Traveling Bureau, Taichung City Government, introduces a special tour model as「One ticket to Flora Expo with all pass for fun」to take Taichung as the transferring center of the trip so the tourists may choose either「Arrival and departure through Taichung」, 「Arrival at South and departure from Taichung」 or 「Arrival at Taichung and departure from South」to plan their trip on the island with the free combinations of Taichung with Hualien or Kaohsiung. Therefore, more international visitors will be attracted to visit Taichung by way of such various and diverse options to make their trip easier and have a lot of fun.

Tourism and Traveling Bureau of the City Government is aggressively promoting Flora Expo so the「2018 Taichung World Flora Expo City × Brand international marketing press congress」was conducted at the Mira Place on Nathan Road, HongKong yesterday (19th). It's hosted by Director of Tourism and Traveling Bureau, Tang-shan Chen and Chief of HongKong Office, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Hsin-yi Chou, General Manager of HongKong Branch, China Airlines Ltd, Wan-guan Chung and General Manager of Mandarin Airlines, Chi-fen Tsao etc. were there to join in the great event.

Director Chen said, this year is the year of Flora Expo, the City Government has taken HongKong as the pilot city to collaborate with China Airlines Group to introduce the alliances combo flight tickets which is the new plan to have Taichung as the center and connect to the international flights. Through the advantages of the busy flights between Taichung and HongKong, more international tourists will be attracted to visit Taichung.

He mentioned, the City Government has successfully facilitated China Airlines Ltd, Mandarin Airlines, Lion travel to cooperate with some international famous brands to introduce the Mandarin Dynasty Package 2.0 with the first wave of special tour programs for the HongKong and Macau tourists to visit Taiwan. If the visitors show the certificates of the Mandarin Dynasty Package 2.0, then they can enjoy the special shopping discounts for Franz, Pacific Cycles, Case Inc., kiko's Enterprise Co. Ltd, Orient Retreat SPA, Magi Planet etc. international brands.

During the period of Flora Expo, the City Government will further expand the scope to collaborate with the domestic and international companies to introduce the second wave of special offerings and lucky draw programs for「Flora Expo and alliances combo ticket」.

Chief of HongKong Office, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Hsin-yi Chou said, 2018 Flora Expo is biggest event in Taiwan during this and next years, it's also an event people cannot miss if they would visit Taiwan. We expect the travel agencies in HongKong and Macau will heavily promote and design a packaged tour for the trip of Flora Expo. HongKong Office will fully support the project and provide required assistance.

The City Government has collaborated with Conde Nast Interculture Group to call Franz, Pacific Cycles, Case Inc., kiko's Enterprise Co. Ltd, Orient Retreat SPA, Magi Planet etc. international enterprises to participate in the activities to offer the special discounts, special programs and buy one get one free etc. special deals.

The officer of Tourism and Traveling Bureau said, Flora Expo is a big festival of the year in Taiwan, the City Government has integrated the resources of dining, accommodating, touring, shopping and transporting in Taichung. In terms of dining, more than one hundred restaurants in Taichung will introduce the Flora Expo limited set menu with the local featured food, flowers as the ingredients for dishes to echo to the upcoming Flora Expo; and the afternoon tea desserts are served with the Flora Expo limited products as the options for the visitors; regarding the hotel for accommodating, more than one hundred Flora Expo contracted hotels will offer special discounts or the related promotional progestin the visitors; as to the touring plan, 33 theme trips based on the idea of Flora Expo GNP (Green, Nature, People) will be provided and thousands of Flora Expo stores will support the shopping part. Please visit the Flora Expo official website for the related information of the special offerings(https://2018floraexpo.tw/).