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12/03/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/03/2019 12:34

PCHC Announces 2019 Employee of the Year!

We are thrilled to present the 2019 Employees of the Year! This group of employees are being acknowledged for their outstanding commitment to PCHC's Mission, Vision, and Values. Through their work, they go above and beyond to serve our patients and support the success of the organization. Please join me in congratulating our colleagues!

Overall Clinical

Cher Randall, Health Coach MA, Care Management

We are incredibly fortunate to have Cher Randall as a medical assistant health coach working at our PCHCenter, Capehart and Hope House practices. She embodies patient-centered care and meets patients where they are - both figuratively and literally. She helps patients set reasonable, actionable, and attainable goals for their health and wellness and finds unique ways to help her patients meet these goals. Her interactions with patients and her colleagues are motivating and helpful. She works well with all of the members of the care team and external organizations to ensure every patient she works with gets the care they need. She is thorough in her research of patient's circumstances and has excellent follow-through for the team and the patient. Cher demonstrates great respect for her patients and they know they can count on her to advocate for them and help them take care of themselves. Cher has been extremely comfortable with treating the whole patient-physically, emotionally, and psychosocially in order to improve their health and well-being. She communicates well with the care team and does this frequently to keep them apprised of any barriers or challenges the patient and family might be experiencing in obtaining care. Cher is very efficient and is committed to helping as many patients as possible get the care or services they need. She always figures out ways to say 'YES' to her team, the organization and most importantly to her patients and their families. Cher continually looks for 'outside the box' ways to meet patient needs and to improve systems to better care for our patients. She goes above and beyond her job requirements on a daily basis and consistently plays a large role in the daily lives of people at PCHC and within our community. Congratulations, Cher!

Overall Non-Clinical

Connie Appleby, Patient Service Representative, Seaport Community Health Center

When the name 'Connie' is mentioned by Seaport staff and patients, usually words such as 'awesome' and 'wonderful' follow. Connie is positive, passionate, committed, spirited, engaging, and consistently goes above and beyond for our patients and staff. Connie is truly a 'Ninja PSR' - she has expertise in the complexities of insurance and the patient registration/scheduling process and is always working in the background to identify inefficiencies and training needs in order to help position our organization for success. Connie believes in what we do here at PCHC; she makes it her mission to contribute to a positive experience for every patient who walks through the door. Thank you for your positive contributions, Connie!

Department Nominees

  • Admin/Facilities- Daryl Densmore, Financial Analyst
  • Billing- Shawna Cooper, Payment Application Specialist
  • Brewer Medical Center/Brewer Schools
    • Matt Luppen, Medical Assistant
    • Amanda King, Medical Support Assistant
  • Care Management
    • Cher Randall, Health Coach/MA
    • Kim Libby, Outreach & Enrollment Specialist
  • Clubhouse- Heidi Young, Clubhouse Unit Coordinator
  • Community Care & Geriatrics- Dr. Laurie Yntema
  • Dental/Winterport
    • April Curry, Registered Dental Hygienist
    • Sherrie Flewelling, Patient Service Representative
  • Helen Hunt Health Center
    • Piper Thompson, Medical Assistant
    • Emily Boucher, Patient Service Representative
  • Hope House- Deb Maclean, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Information Systems- Sean Marean, Data Analyst II
  • Laboratory- Tracy Bosworth Downey, Medical Laboratory Technician
  • PCHC Center/Capehart
    • Amy West, Nurse Practitioner
    • Karol Brown, Health Center Administrative Assistant
  • Patient Communications Center- Allison Burr
  • Peds/Jackman/Medical Specialists
    • Dr. Adrienne Carmack, Pediatrician
    • Beverly Trottier, Patient Service Representative
  • Pharmacy- Michael Warmuth, Pharmacist
  • Quality/EMR- Marie Brown, Quality Improvement Specialist
  • Records & Referrals- Angel Casavant, Referral Specialist
  • Seaport Community Health Center
    • Sam Gilligan, Nurse Practitioner
    • Connie Appleby, Patient Service Representative