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Nation Books Acquires New Book by CNN's Tanzina Vega 04.03.2017


NEW YORK, NY (March 29, 2017) - Nation Books has acquired rights to publish the upcoming book by CNN correspondent Tanzina Vega, UPPITY: Women, Race and Class in America. Alessandra Bastagli, editorial director of Nation Books, acquired world rights from Amy and Peter Bernstein at the Bernstein Literary Agency.

Part reportage, part cri de coeur, UPPITY is a searing expose of the barriers and obstacles that women of color face personally and professionally as they strive to get ahead in America today. In just a few more decades, women of color in the United States will be the majority of all women in the country. While far from a monolithic group, many have had-and continue to have- experiences with sexism and racism, subtle and overt, that has made it harder for them to achieve the American Dream. On the surface, racism and sexism had become largely unspoken and socially unacceptable in American life. Women of color were on the rise, from Sonia Sotomayor and Loretta Lynch in Washington to Viola Davis, Ava Duvernay, and Shonda Rhimes in Hollywood. The #BlackLivesMatter movement was founded by three black women, two of them queer. Online and off, black, Asian, Latinx and Muslim women are claiming their own brand of feminism. And yet, inequality and hate have hardly disappeared.

With UPPITY, Vega aims to begin a national conversation around bias, stereotypes and the lives women of color today. A fourth wave of feminism is upon us, she predicts, one centered on the concerns of women of color who have been pushed to the sidelines for far too long, their voices ignored. "Can American women of color claim their happiness and their success?" she writes. "Or is 'having it all' a concept created by white women, for white women?" From health and education to personal and professional relationships, Vega will use her own experiences and the experiences of women she has been mentoring and advising for decades to illustrate the problem and make the case for a truly intersectional feminist movement.

Tanzina Vega is a national reporter for CNN covering race and inequality issues and a Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University. Vega has appeared on CNN Newsroom, Reliable Sources, CNN EspaƱol and CNN International. Prior to working at CNN, she was a staff reporter for The New York Times, where she created and covered a national beat on race and ethnicity and

earned an Emmy award for her work on the digital documentary series "One in 8 Million". NPR's Code Switch included Vega in their "Journalists - Of Color! - To Watch" list in 2014 and The Huffington Post listed her as one of the 40 top Latinos in American media. She is also a frequent panelist and moderator for events about diversity and media. She lives in New York.

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