Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

08/06/2021 | News release | Archived content

Russian and Indian military personnel will carry out a reconnaissance search for illegal armed groups at Indra 2021 exercise near Volgograd

06.08.2021 (18:59)

Tactical groups will conduct engineering reconnaissance, overcome mined areas of the terrain, repel an attack by mock sabotage groups, and block an area occupied by a mock illegal armed formation.

Monitoring of the actions of military personnel will be carried out using drones, which will allow the joint headquarters of the exercise to monitor the situation and promptly assign tasks to units.

For reference:

The Indra 2021 exercise will be held at the Prudboy training ground in the Volgograd region from August 1 to August 13 of this year. It will be attended by 250 servicemen of motorized rifle, tank and artillery units, a reconnaissance company of the motorized rifle unit of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Volgograd region, as well as a tactical group of 250 servicemen of the Indian Armed Forces.

More than 100 units of weapons and military equipment are involved in the events, including BMP-3 combat armored tracked vehicles, T-90A tanks, Grad multiple launch rocket systems, armored personnel carriers, off-road vehicle equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, assault and army aircraft of SMD, as well as about 300 different targets, of which more than 100 mobile, simulating automobile and armored equipment

The concept of the exercise is to increase the readiness of the command bodies, forces and means to combat the terrorism. The servicemen will work out the search, detection and destruction of illegal armed formations, search and destruction of conditional explosive devices, conducting NBC reconnaissance in buildings and on the ground.