Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania

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The character of technological innovation of today positions Lithuania as a competitor and peer in the area of military technology, Vice Minister of National Defence G.[...]

On March 1 Vice Minister of National Defence Giedrimas Jeglinskas and representatives of the Ministry of National Defence presented to guests from the US key priorities of the Minister of National Defence and procurement projects for the Lithuanian Armed Forces underway at the US-Lithuania Defense Forum in Vilnius. Vice Minister focused significantly on the cooperation with the United States.

'I always try to start with the fundamental of US-Lithuania relations when I address opportunity, that is, the values that bind us together and become a mutual interest over time, and eventually develop into something good the people of both countries,' Vice Minister G. Jeglinskas said at the opening of the event. According to him, defence cooperation between Lithuania and the United States, our strategic partner, has always been and is important, and it has grown particularly intense in the area of procurement in the recent year.

'Loosely quoting US General Milley, the United States will never fight in a war alone, there will never be a combat environment that several countries would not operate in, and allies have always bee, are and will always be indispensable and vital. That is why cooperation with the U.S. is a great opportunity,' Vice Minister said.

According to G. Jeglinskas, Lithuania is contributing to ensuring security too. 'To date, our soldiers are serving in the multinational NATO Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan, with our contribution agreed to be increased soon and Lithuanian Special Operations Forces soldiers to serve alongside US colleagues. Lithuania has begun procurement procedure of technologies the United States military is and will be using in the future. Lithuania is going to spend over USD 200 million over the next three years to procure the military equipment from the US,' Vice Minister of National Defence said.

'Technological outbreaks can occur anywhere on the globe today. The opportunity to work together and the character of technological innovations positions Lithuania and a competitor and a peer in the area of military technology. Therefore it is very important for Lithuanian institutions and enterprises what the US trade can offer today and to our American friends it is equally important to know what Lithuanian enterprises can offer them , thus this defence forum in Vilnius is an excellent opportunity to do just that,' Vice Minister G. Jeglinskas stated.

The US-Lithuanian Defense Forum held for the second year in a row was attended by 150 representatives of defence industry in Lithuania and the US. Participants of the event discussed the situation of the Lithuanian defence sector and its potential to provide services to defence industry enterprises. The newly formed Defence Materiel Agency under the Ministry of National Defence and its objectives, as well as the public procurement reform underway were presented at the event.

Photo credit: Alfredas Pliadis (MoD)