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District 20 mayor underlines confronting unforeseen events

District 20 mayor underlines confronting unforeseen events
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Mayor of district 20 Farhad Afshar emphasized the importance of citizenship training for confronting unforeseen events.

Afshar made the remarks addressing the crisis management committee seasonal meeting.

Citizenship training and interaction with citizens will be realized by taking advantage of socio-cultural field and the education department, he said.

The training is being accomplished in line with promoting public culture and the citizens' level of knowledge, he added.

Achieving good results in confronting accidents requires using scientific information and gaining necessary skills by the organizations affiliated with crisis management, Afshar noted.

Referring to the fact that passive defense is of importance in reducing vulnerability, damages and in continuation of human life, he said by taking advantage of technical and management knowledge, managers of all organizations are responsible for safeguarding the city against accidents.