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Our tips for Scandinavian style bathroom furniture

20 novembre 2020 | Decorate with style

The typical aesthetics of Scandinavian countries has gained space among the trends for furnishing and interior design, gaining a large share of consensus also in bathroom furnishings, where this style is well combined with the needs of relaxation and practicality. tied to this room of the house. Let's find out how to furnish the bathroom in Scandinavian style and the mistakes to avoid.

Nordic style bathroom furniture

The Scandinavian-style bathroom furniture is based on rigorous lines, soft colors, simplicity in the decorations and furnishing accessories. The overall effect is that of an airy, relaxing, welcoming and essential environment. These features could mistakenly make it assimilate to the minimalist style, but there are notable differences between the two. Nordic style bathroom furniture, in fact, if on the one hand it foresees the prevalence of clean shapes and sober and pure decorative elements, on the other hand it never gives an overall cold and austere effect, rather it aims at warmth and hospitality. It is essential to include colors, finishes, and objects that evoke nature, central to Scandinavian culture, and all materials that recall it. Another fundamental element is natural light which, if possible, must always be favored over artificial light.

Nordic style bathroom furniture and materials

Wood is the other great protagonist among the materials for the Scandinavian style bathroom and in this case it becomes a real piece of furniture. Natural and warm raw material par excellence, it distinguishes this trend in the variants maple, birch, pine, ash and teak. The furniture in the Scandinavian bathroom is always in wood, almost never lacquered or glossy, but with finishes that let you see the knots and grain of the wood that generally turns to light shades. Even the furnishing accessories play on references to nature and greenery. In this sense, even in the bathroom, are plants.

Colors and nuances in perfect Scandinavian style

Even the colors in the Nordic bathroom are essential to give an airy, bright and relaxing overall effect. White reigns supreme both for the bathroom fixtures and for the colors of the walls. The alternatives that deviate from white are on the scale of beige, ocher, cream or light gray. In addition to the reference to natural elements, in fact, typical of this lifestyle is the need to have a space full of peace and harmony for relaxation. All the subtle and delicate nuances that favor this need are therefore welcome.

Which sanitary ware to choose

Vase, bidet and sink can have different types of installation, but the design must always be minimalist and neutral whether it follows square and geometric lines, or sinuous and rounded lines. Classic and wall-spaced collections are excluded: the trappings of the traditional style are not suitable for the sanitary fixtures of a Nordic bathroom. The color of the ceramic will be strictly white, both glossy and milk, and if you do not want to give up color, you will have to opt for colors that recall landscapes, such as mud and clay. In the Flaminia catalog there are many collections that can be combined with this style, just to mention a few series, we recall: the MonĂ², with rounded shapes and full edges, or the more squared and functional Nile, both designed by French designer Patrick Norguet; pure and synthetic are also the lines of the Bonola, designed by Jasper Morrison.

Calm and tranquility are a must of the Scandinavian lifestyle and in a self-respecting bathroom in this style, a bathtub cannot be missing. Among the Flaminia proposals, the App which with its clean and rounded shape is perfect, but also the Oval with its harmony between rounded and squared lines, is no exception. If there is not enough space in the bathroom to install the bathtub, even a practical and functional shower tray, such as the Tatami, can perfectly match this style.

Coverings and tiles

The tiles in the Nordic style bathroom are generally in soft colors, such as white or light gray, and have a uniform and homogeneous effect. They are usually shiny and reflect light but if you prefer they can also be replaced by resins. On the ground, alternatively, you can also use parquet or porcelain stoneware with wood effect, as long as the colors change to honey or similar, never to dark colors.

Modern or vintage Nordic style furniture

These are the main characteristics of a very fashionable style which, however, has not remained free from contamination, so much so that we can speak of a real modern Nordic style furniture or vintage Nordic style furniture.

  • Modern Scandinavian furniture. The modern variant combines colorful accessories and iron furniture elements alongside Scandinavian furniture and accessories. Everything mixes with objects and textiles with complex geometries and more decisive colors which often deviate from the play of contrasts between black and white or in the presence of concrete coverings. Instead, everything that veers towards shabby chic is excluded.
  • Vintage Scandinavian furniture. The digression towards vintage, on the other hand, is felt above all in furniture reminiscent of the 50s and 60s or objects, such as an old-time telephone or wrought iron furniture. These elements of rupture and contamination fit within the impalpable and harmonious atmosphere typical of the style, giving character and a retro touch to the environment. Even the colors are the pastel ones typical of those years.