City of Wilmington, DE

09/17/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/17/2019 13:19

Mayor Comments on Recent Shootings; Residents are Urged to Stay Together and Stay Committed to Making Wilmington a Safer City

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki today addressed recent shootings in the City and urged residents and businesses to stay together and stay committed to making Wilmington a safer City. The Mayor said the recent incidents are disheartening, especially because the City has been making progress over the past year or more in reducing gun-related crimes.

The Mayor's entire statement is as follows:

'The shooting events of recent days and weeks remind us just how much of a constant struggle it is to put into place a more consistent reduction of gun-involved crime. It is disheartening to see this occur, especially when we have been making a great deal of progress in the past year or so to improve public safety. Crime is unpredictable, which is why incidents that begin to happen more frequently than we have become used to jolt us as they do. Unfortunately, some things do stay consistent, such as the criminal records that are attached to most of the shooting perpetrators and victims. It confirms what we have known for years, which is that just a small percentage of people are producing most of the gun-related crime. I want our residents, visitors and business owners to know that we are committed more than ever to mitigating this violent activity and arresting those who are part of it. When crime increases, it just causes us to double down even more. We will continue our community engagement efforts which have resulted in more support than ever for Police Chief Robert Tracy's respectful and effective policing plan. I am confident that we will bring the current increase in violent incidents under control. The clear majority of us who represent and support the good things that are happening in Wilmington have to stay together and stay committed to making our City safer.'