Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

01/03/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/03/2020 13:54

Special Forces soldiers near Novosibirsk conducted antiterrorism exercises

03.01.2020 (05:30)

The military personnel of the Special Forces unit of the Central Military District, stationed near Novosibirsk, worked out the termination of the sabotage groups of the mock enemy, who entered the territory of the military unit and the fleet of combat vehicles.

According to the legend of the exercise, after receiving an alarm signal, the anti-terrorist units moved to the areas where the military facilities captured by the mock enemy were located. Under the cover of armored vehicles Tiger-SPN and 'Typhoon-K' servicemen carried out blocking and destruction of the enemy, as well as worked out the issues of restoring communication with the higher headquarters.

Besides, the servicemen jointly with a fire teams practised to extinguish fire at the fleet of the combat vehicles.

More than 500 military personnel took part in the exercise, and more than 50 units of military and special equipment were involved.