U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business

02/18/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/18/2021 17:09

Small Business Committee Republicans Send Letter Detailing Committee Democrats' Partisan Budget Reconciliation Overhaul

Last week, the House Committee on Small Business Republicans sent a letter to the Budget Committee outlining their opposition to the Democrats' massive, partisan budget reconciliation overhaul. The Small Business Committee Democrats blocked every single amendment proposed by Republican Members, denying small businesses the commonsense relief, deregulation, and oversight they deserve.

According to the Republican Members' letter, 'Prior to COVID-19, small businesses were projecting confidence, optimism, and job creation. Pro-growth policies resulted in historic unemployment levels. A smart regulatory environment and low taxes meant small businesses had the economic freedom and economic opportunity to innovate and expand.

'America's small businesses are now facing challenges they have never encountered before... Unfortunately, the new package of small business proposals offered by House Democrats at a markup on February 10, 2021, is one where House Republicans were blocked from engaging, providing thoughts or ideas, or interacting in any way.

'House Republicans offered a number of amendments to the package that would have improved it, only to find them summarily dismissed by Democrats. This disappointing turn of events does not bode well for the future of small businesses or our American economy.'

From dismissing Republican Members' proposals on robust oversight over the Biden administration's small business and lending programs to denying the suspension of direct Paycheck Protection Program funds for Planned Parenthood, Democrats failed to support and protect the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups that need it most. Moreover, in December 2020, Congress granted $285 billion in relief to small businesses. However, there is still $160 billion in Paycheck Protection Program funding waiting to be allocated. We must focus on using these funds responsibly before forcing another $1.9 trillion on the American taxpayer.

As Ranking Member Luetkemeyer stated last week, 'Now more than ever, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups across the country need responsible, targeted relief to open their doors and contribute to our economy once again. It is clear that Democrats are focusing on partisan politics while wasting millions of taxpayer dollars by rewarding their political allies with funds intended for our hardest hit small businesses. Democrats on this committee must commit to working across the aisle to provide our nation's hardworking men and women with the freedom and relief they deserve.'

The link to the full minority views is here.