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07/11/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/11/2019 15:48

Sprint is on alert and preparing for Tropical Storm Barry

Sprint is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Barry, which is currently set to make landfall between central Louisiana and the upper Texas coast early this weekend, and has the potential to reach hurricane strength. Our emergency response, disaster recovery and network teams have already begun storm preparation activities in advance of the potential storm threat.

Some of the precautions already taken to help strengthen the network in potentially impacted areas, as well as keep customers wirelessly connected, include:

  • Prepping portable generators
  • Running and topping off fixed generators at pop/switch locations
  • Bringing in more equipment, field technicians and resources into the area
  • Ensuring additional fueling resources are on alert and ready to take action

Additionally, Sprint Emergency Response Team (ERT) is ready to rapidly deploy temporary cellular and broadband (internet access) solutions through mobile satellite infrastructure. Whether for remote operations or for restoring connectivity, businesses, and public safety organizations requiring temporary equipment and/or network support can contact Sprint's ERT Dedicated Support Line at 888-639-0020.

Finally, Sprint encourages its customers to ensure they have a plan of action before severe weather hits. We recommend wireless users take the following steps to help prepare before, during and after Tropical Storm Barry:

  • Write down important telephone numbers such as medical services, insurance company and friends and family on paper, seal it in a plastic bag, and keep it in a safe place in the event your device loses power.
  • Keep mobile devices and batteries fully charged in case of commercial power loss.
  • When not in use, conserve your device's battery by powering off.
  • During a major weather event, use text messaging when possible due to high call volumes and possible network congestion in the local area.
  • Take care when removing debris for safety reasons and so as to not cut power or fiber cables - disrupting and/or delaying restoration activities.

Stay informed before, during and after a major storm by following @Sprint, @SprintCare and @SprintNews on Twitter. Also, visit the Sprint Newsroom or Community Page for regular updates. Sprint will keep its customers up-to-date with alerts and information on the network.