Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation

07/16/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/16/2017 03:10

Safety festival by rescuers of Kirov

Specialists of the Kirov Region Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry have organized a festival in the Orlyonok recreational camp for children dedicated to 90 anniversary of the State Fire Inspection.

Firefighters opened the festival with their demonstration performance. They showed how to put out a fire with a fire house and a fire extinguisher. Rescuers showed the children how they extricate people from cars during the traffic accidents and told how to avoid tick and snake bites, as well as showed how to render first aid to the injured. The Emergencies Ministry's psychologists also took part in the festival.

The State Small Vessels Inspectorate specialists showed the water rescuer equipment to the children and told how to save people on water. The children were glad to try on a diving suit.

Employees of the FireServiceMuseum, which is situated in the settlement of Vyatki, and the All-Russian Volunteer Firefighting Society and Testing Firefighting Laboratory also showed the children demonstrational performance. The children were told about the history of firefighting, volunteer firefighting and what equipment and methods are used to find out the cause of a fire.

Such events are carried out by the Emergencies Ministry in every children camp of our country. These events are purposed to entertain and teach children, as well as provide safe recreation, teach the basics of rescue and safety in everyday life and nature.