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Playful questioning and curious exploration at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

News: Jan 30, 2018

Playful questioning of norms and curious exploration of the urban environment characterize the two displays by HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on February 6-10.

In the exhibition Playing by the rules? the viewer is challenged to rethink and [Attachment] think larger. 'Given' rules and norms are turned upside-down by the students' playful questioning. And more important issues arise. As in Sofia Florell's balancing dinner table Dine Toget(t)her(e) - Dine together, to get there that requires cooperation and patience for the table to end up in balance and give equal space to both sides.
[Attachment]In Head Space, Elin Werner has created a pillow that also can serve as protection against the stress and demands of the surrounding environment.
- I wanted to create an object that could help when everything is just chaos, a space for communicating emotions in a non-verbal way, says Elin Werner. Head Space helps create peace and security in situations when we are filled with nervousness, anxiety and stress.

In the exhibition HAMN (Harbour), students in Wood Oriented Furniture Design focus on Frihamnen in Gothenburg, a harbour area under strong development. Based on the history and common heritage of the site, the students explore what it is that connects us to a public place. The hidden values of Frihamnen are highlighted and have turned into a physical form.
[Attachment]In Souls of Frihamnen, Richard Collier was inspired by the harbour's industrial fixtures and created creatures to populate the area.
- With my project I wanted to explore the idea of an alternative history narrative, says Richard Collier. I decided to focus on the expression of a family unit, to best reflect the incoming community to the soon to be redeveloped Frihamnen.

Playing By the Rules? is a collective exhibition of students in Design and Jewellery Art at HDK. The exhibition is on display in stand C20: 27, with official opening 6 February at 3-4 pm.
HAMN is an exhibition of students in Wood Oriented Furniture Design at HDK Steneby. HAMN is on display in stand C19: 47, with official opening 6 February at 2-3 pm.

Playing By the Rules:


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