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06/21/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/20/2019 04:11

Posta takes over North West Chartering

This week Posta has taken over the shipping business of North West Chartering (NWC), which Jógvan L. Rasmussen owned and operated for many years.

The business of NWC encompasses, in the main, the transport of bulk freight and other large shipments, especially for the construction and related industries. NWC serves as the broker between the shipowners and customers who need large, cumbersome items shipped. NWC finds the right ship for the freight and negotiates a shipping price and the mutual terms of the shipping agreement. All the shipping agreements are based on internationally recognized and approved terms and conditions. NWC for the most part operates in the Faroe Islands, Norway and Iceland.

Jógvan L. Rasmussen will be employed by Posta for six months and will also be available thereafter if needed. Tórhallur Thomsen, who currently is Posta's Head of Domestic Transport, will serve as the manager of Posta's new shipping division, North West Chartering.

'Posta and NWC have been in negotiation for several years on the purchase by Posta of the shipping business of NWC and I firmly believe that Posta is the right company to take NWC into the future and expand the business,' states Jógvan L. Rasmussen.

Joel undir Leitinum, CEO of Posta, observes that 'the purchase of NWC is consistent with the ongoing growth strategy of Posta. NWC fits in well with our current shipping and transport business, whether the goods are large or small. NWC is a strong, well-recognized brand in the market for the transport of large items and it is our task now to strengthen the position of NWC throughout the North Atlantic'.