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How Cloud-Based Hotel Software Can Benefit the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has seen a significant rise in the popularity of cloud-based software over the past few years, and it has transformed the way hoteliers do business. While upgrading and transitioning to a new platform can seem like a daunting project to take on, cloud computing offers a number of advantages and benefits over traditional client-server systems, and hoteliers will find that making the switch can greatly improve productivity and profitability.

So what are some of the benefits of switching to a cloud-based solution in comparison to the desktop systems that hoteliers have used for decades?

1. Cost Reduction

By making the switch to cloud-based infrastructure, hoteliers will save on significant capex costs like leasing, purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware and equipment. Cloud software systems are sold as a service, which are typically inclusive of many features and you can pay as you need to add on additional interfaces or integrations.

The need for on-site IT experts is also reduced, as hoteliers can instead rely on the expertise of their cloud provider's team and support staff, who are typically available 24/7. In addition, downtimes are rare with cloud-based systems, so hoteliers will find they will save time and money previously spent on resolving downtime issues.

2. Easy Updates & Customizations

If there are software updates to be applied to your cloud-based solution, these are pushed through automatically and typically during slower periods so that you are affected as little as possible.

In addition, the majority of cloud systems offer customizations or the ability to interface or integrate with other tools that hoteliers need to run their property. While a cloud-based property management system (PMS) is a very comprehensive tool that can automate and manage most aspects of a hotel's business operations, its ability to easily integrate to other third-party systems is key in streamlining all operations property-wide. With a cloud-based PMS serving as the central point of control, hoteliers can choose from a number of integrations to consolidate information and automate processes between departments, without any of the manual work.

3. Increased Data Security

Data security and the protection of guest's personal information is of the utmost importance to hoteliers. Cloud computing offers many advanced security features that help to ensure data is safely stored and securely handled, including regular security checks and software updates.

Cloud systems can also give hoteliers complete visibility and control over all of their data, granting access in levels to certain staff members and keeping sensitive data in the right hands.

4. Mobility

Cloud computing allows hoteliers to access their property systems and data via mobile devices or tablets, which is important for those staff members who cannot be tied to a desk all day or are on the go 24/7. With an internet connection, resources saved in the cloud can be easily stored, viewed, recovered or processed in a few simple clicks.

By eliminating the need for an on-premise system, even remote hotel managers or staff have the ability to respond to hotel issues or guest inquiries regardless of where they are.

5. Increased Productivity

Time is money, and the longer it takes to train staff on hotel software, the more it impacts a hotel's bottom line. Fortunately, the majority of cloud-based software systems are user-friendly and quick and easy to learn on. Most hoteliers will find that the intuitive nature of cloud tools makes the onboarding process much more seamless, and new employees can really hit the ground running .

In addition, the automation offered by cloud tools means that your (new) staff can spend more time interacting face-to-face with guests and less time dealing with clunky, on-premise infrastructure


Cloud computing adoption is on the rise in the hospitality industry and it's becoming clear to see why, as hoteliers recognize the many benefits of cloud-based systems and how they can impact the overall operations of a hotel.

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