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12/06/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/06/2018 07:48

Bel West Producers Association (APBO) and Bel Group strengthen their agreement for a profitable and sustainable dairy industry

A review of the agreement's first year of application shows the ability of Bel and APBO producers to build the foundations of a profitable and sustainable business model.

The agreement, renewed for all of 2019, stipulates an average 2019 benchmark price of €350 per 1,000 liters of milk purchased from APBO producers, as well as incentives for applying differentiating farming practices, namely monthly bonuses of €15 per 1,000 liters of milk from dairy herds raised on GMO-free foodstuffs, and €6 per 1,000 liters of milk from dairy herds pasture grazed a minimum of 150 days during the year.

The renewed partnership constitutes a fundamental step for milk producers, all of who have switched to GMO-free animal feed and will, accordingly, benefit from the monthly bonus all year long.

'We decided to renew our agreement with the APBO, which represents a significant investment for the Group, because we are convinced that it is the only acceptable path possible for building a sustainable business model that creates shared value,' said Antoine Fiévet, Bel Group Chairman and CEO. 'This initiative is perfectly in sync with the philosophy of France's EGA (Etats Généraux de l'Alimentation - national agri-food objectives and law).'