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11/19/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/19/2019 10:54

September 2019 North American Transborder Freight Numbers

Rail Freight: $14.8 billion (14.6% of all transborder freight)

U.S.-Canada: $8.0 billion (15.6% of all northern border freight)

U.S.-Mexico: $6.8 billion (13.6% of all southern border freight)

  • Compared to September 2018:

U.S.-Canada down 3.5%

U.S.-Mexico up 0.1%

  • Three busiest rail border ports (53.6% of total transborder rail freight)
    • Laredo, TX $3.7 billion
    • Detroit, MI $2.1 billion
    • Port Huron, MI $2.1 billion
  • Top three rail commodities (63.6% of total transborder rail freight)
    • Motor vehicles and parts $7.5 billion
    • Mineral fuels $1.1 billion
    • Computers and parts $0.7 billion

Total Transborder Freight by Mode:

U.S.-Canada (both directions)
U.S.-Mexico (both directions)

Reporting Notes

Data in this Bureau of Transportation Statistics release are not seasonally adjusted and are not adjusted for inflation. For previous statistical releases and summary tables, see TransBorder Releases. See TransBorder Freight Data for data from previous months, and for additional state, port, and commodity data. BTS has scheduled the release of October TransBorder numbers for Jan. 7.