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Number of immigrants and emigrants remains high in 2018

Population dynamics, Q1 to Q3 2018+ 80,500 net population growth+ 69,400 net migration116,500 emigration185,900 immigration115,800 deaths+ 11,200 natural growth127,000 births

A large part of the annual migratory movements occurs in Q3. Therefore, figures up to and including September already provide an indication of annual population growth for this year. From Q1 to Q3 2018, the Netherlands received 186 thousand immigrants, up by 4.5 thousandrelative to the same period one year previously. At the same time, the number of emigrants stood at 116.5 thousand, representing a year-on-year increase of 1.5 thousand. As a result, net migration has so far increased by around 3 thousandrelative to the previous year.

Created with Highcharts 5.0.14Migration balanceImmigrationEmigration'00'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11'12'13'14'15'16'1…'1…-200-1000100200Migration,January up to September inclusivex 1,000
Show datatableMigration,January up to September inclusive (x 1,000)Hide datatableMigration,January up to September inclusive (x 1,000)
Migration balance Immigration Emigration
'00 40.052 99.961 -59.909
'01 40.503 102.966 -62.463
'02 21.467 94.688 -73.221
'03 2.495 80.822 -78.327
'04 -12.39 72.317 -84.707
'05 -17.439 70.057 -87.496
'06 -21.867 77.699 -99.566
'07 -2.541 88.685 -91.226
'08 20.788 109.281 -88.493
'09 29.801 113.581 -83.78
'10 27.467 118.507 -91.04
'11 27.378 127.747 -100.369
'12 14.226 124.269 -110.043
'13 17.829 128.208 -110.379
'14 28.663 140.525 -111.862
'15 39.568 155.127 -115.559
'16 63.071 178.642 -115.571
'17* 66.435 181.352 -114.981
'18* 69.356 185.863 -116.507
*provisional figures

More European and fewer Asian migrants

The trend which was already seen in the first six months of this year has continued. On balance, the number of Asian (including Syrian) migrants is decreasing, while immigration from Africa, the Americas and especially Europe is growing. To date, 92 thousandimmigrants from Europe have settled in the Netherlands while 56 thousandhave departed. Persons with a Polish background still constitute the largest group, with over 16.5 thousandimmigrants and 10 thousandemigrants up to and including Q3 2018.

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Immigration from other European countries as well has shown a rising trend. In the first three quarters of 2018, more than 11 thousandBulgarians and Romanians registered with a Dutch municipality. Since 2007 - the year in which Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union - the number of both immigrants and emigrants from these countries has increased. Between January and September of this year, 5 thousandpeople with a Bulgarian or Romanian background departed as emigrants.

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The number of migrants with an Asian background decreased. Over 35 thousandAsian migrants registered in the first three quarters, more than 7.5 thousanddown on the previous year. Emigration remained at around the same level. There were mainly fewer immigrants from Syria, resulting in a level of Asian migration similar to 2015.
Furthermore, there were fewer immigrants and emigrants with a Dutch background. The negative net emigration of last year was therefore slightly lower this year.

Natural growth lags behind

The year started with a relatively high number of deaths. Total mortality over the first three quarters stood at 116 thousand, i.e. up by 3.5 thousandon the previous year. The number of live births remained at around the same level (127 thousand). This led to a slightly lower natural population growth rate (live births minus deaths) in the period January-September relative to the same period in 2017. For several years now, the number of births and therefore the natural population growth has been relatively low.

Created with Highcharts 5.0.14Q12012Q2Q3Q4Q12013Q2Q3Q4Q12014Q2Q3Q4Q12015Q2Q3Q4Q12016Q2Q3Q4Q12017Q2Q3Q4Q12018Q2Q3-10-5051015Balance of births and deaths, per quarterx 1,000