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02/14/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/14/2020 18:23

Senator Rubio’s Bill Assists Low-Income Households Transition to Low-Carbon Appliances

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sen. Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) today introduced Senate Bill 1035. The bill will create a targeted program, administered by the California Energy Commission, to assist low-income households who want to reduce their household carbon footprint by providing financial assistance.
'Historically, low-income communities have disproportionately shouldered the burdens of poor air quality and high energy costs,' Sen. Rubio said. 'As we move forward to meet our clean energy mandates, it's time for California to empower low-income communities to lead the charge.'

'Disadvantaged communities have the greatest exposure to conditions that adversely impact their health, safety, and security. They are also typically the last to receive the cost and health benefits of new technologies. Central Coast Energy Services applauds Senator Rubio's efforts to increase California's low-income households' access to low-carbon appliances,' said Dennis Osmer, Executive Director of Central Coast Energy Services.

Approximately 12 million Californians without access to properly ventilated appliances are routinely exposed to nitrogen dioxide levels inside their homes. If found outside, these levels would exceed the federal and state health-based standards if found outside.

Incentivizing low-carbon appliances will ensure safer and healthier indoor air, carbon emission reductions, energy bill savings, and maximum benefits for disadvantaged communities.