Government of Nova Scotia

07/16/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/16/2021 08:47

Investments in Fish and Seafood Sector Support Economy

The province and the Government of Canada are providing more than $13 million to support value-added seafood processing and assist harvesters with updated technology, equipment and processes to improve the holding, handling and processing of lobsters.

'We're investing in value-added processing to help our seafood sector continue to meet increasing market demands for sustainably sourced, high-quality fish and seafood,' said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell. 'Our investments will also help harvesters make improvements to the holding, handling and transportation of live lobster, which is so important in world markets.'

A subsidiary of Atlantic Canada-owned Ocean Choice International is receiving $10.3 million to support the adoption of some of the most advanced state-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment available. The company is building a retail packing plant and cold-storage distribution centre in Dartmouth, which will enable it to conduct value-added, secondary processing and pursue new market opportunities in North America, Europe and Asia. The contribution comes from the $400 million Atlantic Fisheries Fund and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency's Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program.

The Atlantic Fisheries Fund, jointly funded by the federal and provincial governments, is also providing:

  • almost $1.4 million to the Northumberland Fishermens Association for a project to assist harvester members with the purchase of equipment and technology to improve onboard vessel holding and harvesting practices to preserve the quality, vitality and value of live lobster
  • more than $1.1 million to the Inverness South Fishermen's Association for the third-party delivery of projects to undertake modifications to members' vessels that incorporate new equipment and technologies to improve holding practices, water quality and aeration; improvements to onboard holding practices will help to maintain lobsters in the best possible condition, preserving quality, vitality and value
  • more than $330,000 to the Harbour Authority of Point Aconi to assist its members with the adoption of equipment and technology to improve the harvest, handling and holding of live lobsters on vessel; improvements to onboard holding practices will help to maintain live lobsters in the best possible condition, preserving quality, vitality, and value

The total provincial contribution to the four projects is almost $2.9 million.


Canada's fish and seafood sector is a vital part of the economy - with Nova Scotia leading the way. The projects we are supporting through the Atlantic Fisheries Fund will help our fisheries to remain in the forefront for advancement in adopting new state-of-the-art technology and equipment. A strong fishery means more jobs for coastal Canadians, and more prosperity in our coastal communities.Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

Quick Facts:

  • the $400 million Atlantic Fisheries Fund is used to transform and drive innovation in the fish and seafood sector and to help grow existing and emerging markets
  • the fund helps the seafood sector meet growing market demands for products that are high quality, value-added and sustainably sourced
  • any member of the fish and seafood sector may apply for funding
  • the federal government provides 70 per cent of the funding, with 30 per cent coming from the Atlantic provinces