Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

06/24/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/24/2020 05:18

A military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war was held in Vladivostok

24.06.2020 (04:36)

Festive events in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war in Vladivostok began at 09.00 with the raising of the State and St. Andrew's flags in front of the Pacific fleet headquarters, as well as Naval flags and flags of color on the ships of the Pacific fleet.

At 10.00 local time in the center of the capital of the Primorsky territory, on Svetlanskaya street, a military parade of the troops of the Vladivostok garrison took place.

A minute of silence was declared in memory of those who died on the fronts of the Great Patriotic war.

During the performance of the National anthem of the Russian Federation, an artillery salute was performed, which was made from salute guns on the Korabelnaya embankment.

Then the passage of the troops of the Vladivostok territorial garrison began. It was opened by a company of drummers of the Nakhimov naval school branch. About 1,500 people took part in the Victory parade.

A mechanized column followed the foot crews, which included modern BTR-82A armored personnel carriers and S-400 'Triumph' anti-aircraft missile systems. The legendary T-34 tank, which took part in the battle of Stalingrad, led the column of military equipment. The audience also saw the 'Osa' air defense systems, 'Bastion' coastal missile systems, 'Pantsir-S1' anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, 'Grad' multiple launch rocket systems, 'Gvozdika' self-propelled artillery system, BMP - 2M infantry fighting vehicle and special vehicles-a total of 57 units of military equipment, which is in service with the coastal troops of the Pacific fleet and air defense units of the Eastern Military District. For the first time in Vladivostok, the Victory Parade was attended by multi-purpose vehicles 'Tiger-M' and a T-80 BV tank.

Modern combat vehicles were followed by retro equipment. In the festive column passed the famous 'Emki' - passenger cars 'GAZ M-1', as well as cars 'GAZ-67B', 'GAZ-AA', 'ZIS-5B', 'ZIS-6' with a multiple-launch system 'BM-13N' 'Katyusha', cars 'Studebaker' and 'Willis' MB.

At 23.00 local time, a festive artillery salute will sound in Vladivostok.