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Blog Post - Snam's commitment to reforestation and biodiversity

From the activities of Fondazione Snam to the benefit company, Arbolia, the Group is contributing to the ecological transition, starting from the environment

Today, the Earth is covered by 5.5 billion hectares of forests. Yet, in a recent study, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, an additional 1 billion hectares of forests would be needed. Considering that cities are responsible for more than two thirds of CO 2 emissions globally, it follows that to achieve the goal it is therefore also necessary to create more green spaces in urban areas. Indeed, the presence of trees contributes not only to lower pollution levels and temperatures, but also increase people's quality of life.

Snam and environmental restoration

For Snam, which is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2040, environmental protection is a priority area of action, which is also included in its ESG (Environment, Sociale and Governance) strategy with the commitment to restoring at least 99% of the vegetation in the natural areas affected by the construction of gas pipelines.

Every year, Snam regenerates an average of about 200 km 2 of land through planting and environmental restoration activities.

The restoration of vegetation, and in particular reforestation activities, is not only aimed at ensuring the recreation of woodland areas, but also the recomposition of the landscape and the recovery of the biological functionality of areas with specific biodiversity characteristics. Restoration and reforestation are followed by the care and maintenance of the planted plants, for at least five years.

The initiatives of Fondazione Snam and Arbolia

The protection of biodiversity and the environment is also pursued through Fondazione Snam and with the support of Arbolia, the benefit company set up with Fondazione CDP to create new green areas in Italy.

One of Fondazione Snam's missions is to contribute to the regeneration of run-down urban areas, including through social initiatives involving local communities and encouraging their active participation. Amongst the actions carried out there is also the commitment undertaken in the Corvetto district of Milan, where, in addition to regenerating the municipal market in Piazza Ferrara and the area surrounding the 'Istituto Tommaso Grossi' primary school, seven trees have been donated and planted. Other initiatives supported by Fondazione Snam also include ForestaMi, promoted by the Municipality of Milan with the aim of planting 3 million trees in the Metropolitan City of Milan by 2030, 2 million of which are expected to be planted by 2026.

Then there is Arbolia, the benefit company set up by Snam together with the Fondazione CDP, with the missionof creating urban forests in Italy, improve ecosystems, promote biodiversity and make cities more resilient. Arbolia has already set up six urban forests, counting a total of 11,000 plants, between Turin, Parma, Rovigo, Pignataro Maggiore (Ce) and Lecce, contributing to the improvement of air quality and quality of life.

Arbolia not only helps institutions to promote forestation in favour of the promotion of collective wellbeing, but also offers support to companies by analysing the environmental impact of their business, outlining a path to decarbonisation and energy efficiency, and offering the option to certify the results.

Finally, again with a view to contributing to reducing its environmental impact, Snam's new headquarters, which from 2024 will accompany the San Donato Milanese facility, located in the Symbiosis district, in the area south of Porta Romana, have also been designed to ensure continuity of greenery between indoor and outdoor spaces, with a park of over 8,500 m 2, which will also be open to the public for outdoor educational activities and events.