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Demographic indicators

The population at January 1, 2017 was estimated to be 60,579,000; the decrease on the previous year was 86,000 units (-1.4 per thousand).

The number of births confirmed a downward trend: the minimum level of births in 2015, amounting to 486 thousand, was exceeded in 2016 with 474 thousand.

The number of deaths, after peaking in 2015 with 648 thousand cases, were 608 thousand, a high level in line with the upward trend due to population aging.

The natural increase (difference between births and deaths) recorded a negative figure in 2016 (-134 thousand) which was the second worst result ever, superior only to that of 2015 (-162 thousand).

The net international migration in 2016 amounted to +135 thousand, a similar level to that seen in 2015.
Compared to the latter it was determined by a higher number of inflows, 293 thousand, and a new record of outflows, for the recent time, equal to 157 thousand.

The mean age of the population at 1st January 2017 was 44.9 years, two tenths more than in 2016.

The population aged 65 and over exceeded 13.5 million and accounted for 22.3% of the total population. Those aged 90 and more were 727,000, 1.2% of the total. Centenarians were 17,000, equal to 0.03%.

The total fertility rate fell to 1.34 children per woman. The change was due to the reduction of women of childbearing age (for national women) and to the aging process (for non national women), and not to a real reduction in the propensity of having children. Non nationals, in fact, had 1.95 children in 2016 (against 1.94 in 2015). The nationals remained on the value of 1.27 children, as in 2015.

The trend to have children at later ages was confirmed: the mean age at childbearing grew to 31.7 years.

Life expectancy was recovering on the levels of 2015, the year of excess mortality, and marked a distance even from those recorded in 2014 when the deaths were 598 thousand. Life expectancy at birth reached 80.6 years for men (+0.5 on 2015, +0.3 on 2014) and 85.1 years for women (+0.5 and +0.1).

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