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10/14/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/14/2020 10:51

Help Lifebuoy change the world’s handwashing habits forever

It's Global Handwashing Day, so what better time for Lifebuoy - the world's No.1 hygiene soap brand* - to kickstart its new movement called 'H for Handwashing'.

It takes inspiration from UNICEF's childhood development research which demonstrates that the right support and interventions in the early years of life can significantly boost child development, helping them to grow, learn and thrive.

The new movement uses this research to focus on how, for generations, children have been taught letters of the alphabet through simple associations with everyday references such as 'A' for apple, 'B' for ball and 'C' for cat. Starting this month, Lifebuoy wants to fundamentally change the way the letter 'H' is taught.

No longer will 'H' stand for horse, hat or even home. 'H' must stand for Handwashing.

The €30 million, multi-year campaign - which is principally aimed at pre-school, primary school kids and adolescents (spanning ages 2-17) - will involve co-creating programmes with education, health, humanitarian and behaviour-change experts to integrate good hygiene practices.

'For more than a century, Lifebuoy has been on a mission to change handwashing behaviours,' says Kartik Chandrasekhar, Lifebuoy's Global Brand VP. 'We're reaffirming our commitment by working with education experts to create an unforgettable hand hygiene reminder to ensure that handwashing with soap becomes a lesson nobody forgets.'