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NADRA Vaccine Certificate: How to Get It and What Can You Do With Your Vaccine Certificate?

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Updated 14 September 2021

Pakistan's vaccination progress is showing promising results with falling numbers of cases, and will likely be bolstered by the production of the homegrown Pakistan vaccine.

Vaccinated residents can now obtain COVID-19 vaccination certificates in person online. How to do this and what's the purpose of acquiring a vaccine certificate?

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What is the NADRA vaccine certificate?

The COVID vaccine certificate is proof that you have taken one or both doses of any vaccine approved in the country.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has confirmed that it will issue certificates for both single-dose and double-dose coronavirus vaccines.

How to get my vaccine certificate?

Residents can pay 100 PKR at their nearest NADRA centre to pick up their certificate in person.

Alternatively vaccinated citizens can log on to the NIMS website and enter their CNIC number and issuance date. They can get their COVID-19 vaccination certificate after paying PKR 100 via debit or credit card.

The NIMS has also published guide on how to access the vaccine certificate:

  1. Access NIMS website https://nims.nadra.gov.pk/
  2. Click on 'Corona Vaccine Certificate' button and enter the required information
  3. Once you've filled in all the necessary information, proceed to payment
  4. Complete payment
  5. Print payment receipt and click continue
  6. Review the information
  7. Download your certificate

If you need to re-print the vaccination certificate, visit the NIMS website and re-enter your details. Instead of step 2 where it asks you to put in further information, it will take you directly to the re-print option.

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How can I modify details on the vaccine certificate?

You can change certain information on your vaccination certificate -your name if there's a spelling error, passport number or nationality, for example- by visiting the website and re-entering your details. It will then direct you to the page where you can click on the 'modify data on certificate' option and re-enter your details correctly.

The rest of the process is similar: enter your card details, pay the PKR 100 fee and download your certificate.

There have been numerous instances where the other details on the vaccine certificate are entered wrong, such as the name of the vaccine administered or the date of vaccination. To Request for Correction in your data provided for COVID Vaccine visit the link nims.nadra.gov.pk/nims/registerComplaint

You can get them rectified by submitting an application to the vaccination centre where the you got the vaccine administered or by lodging a complaint on the NIMS website. Alternatively, you could also contact the helpline - 1166.

Pak COVID-19 Vaccination Pass App

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) in collaboration with the NADRA has launched 'Pak COVID-19 Vaccination Pass App'. The application has been developed to facilitate the people to carry their digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Users can download their COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued through NADRA and save it on the phone. The digital certificate is official proof of COVID-19 vaccination, which is required for domestic and international travelling. Using the QR Code, the digital certificate can be verified instantaneously.

Benefits for NADRA vaccine certificate holders

Asad Umar, the Federal Planning Minister and the head of NCOC, the certificates will provide residents with safe access to numerous locations throughout Pakistan and the ability to bypass strict quarantine.

Mandatory vaccination for all:

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) is now seeking to make vaccination certificates mandatory for people to continue to use various services in Pakistan. Unvaccinated individuals will not be permitted to avail the following:

  • petrol in Lahore starting from September 1.
  • public transport from October 15.
  • entering shopping malls will not be permitted from August 31
  • availing banking and post office services will not be permitted to those who fail to show vaccination certificates.
  • marriage ceremonies (indoor or outdoor) after September 30
  • Dine-in at restaurants or stay at hotels starting September 30.
  • Vaccination will also be mandatory for domestic air travel after September 30.

Moreover, the NCOC had also announced on that only vaccinated individuals would be allowed to travel by train from October 1. Vaccination will also be mandatory for domestic air travel after September 30

The National Command and Operation Centre has also declared vaccine certificates mandatory for residents looking to book hotels, attend weddings, and dining in. There's also discussion about requiring a vaccine certificate to access OPD service or medical procedures.

Registering vaccine details for Pakistanis abroad

Pakistani nationals who have got their vaccine administered from abroad can get their immunization record registered with the country's national database by sharing their details with the National Immunization Management System (NIMS) and receive their COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Countries requiring proof of vaccination

A few countries now allow fully vaccinated travellers from Pakistan to visit, even if they don't fall in the exempted categories.

However, proof of vaccination - that is, your vaccination certificate - is asked for to verify your eligibility to travel.


From September 7, Canada will welcome fully vaccinated tourists for non-essential reasons too. Fully immunized arrivals need not quarantine in Canada either.

Recognized vaccines: Covishield only


Estonia allows all vaccinated tourists to enter, regardless of country of origin or purpose. They are not subject to any testing or quarantine requirement.

Recognized vaccines: Any vaccine authorized in Pakistan


The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Islamabad has clarified that Pakistani travellers need to carry the Nadra issued vaccination certificate. However, the attestation of vaccination certificate of Covid-19 from the Embassy is not considered currently a requirement.

Recognized vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca (or Covishield), Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, and Sinovac.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, which bars direct travel from Pakistan, requires vaccination for entry, so anyone arriving without one of those shots is required to quarantine.

Recognized vaccines: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines