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12/14/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/14/2020 02:30

ABN AMRO focuses on “equal opportunities for young people”

Where a child grows up in the Netherlands determines their prospects of success in life. ABN AMRO believes this has to change. That's why we're launching an "Equal opportunities for young people" campaign today.

News article14 December 2020

Equal opportunities for all

For some, participating in society is anything but a given. Many children grow up in an environment with fewer prospects, financial insecurity or a limited social network. Young children who start out at a disadvantage often suffer for the rest of their lives, with the unfortunate result that much talent goes to waste.

Campaign launch

We're kicking off a major campaign entitled "Equal opportunities for young people" on 14 December to highlight the seriousness of this problem. The campaign will run on television, radio, the Internet and other media. You can watch the TV commercial below. The aim of the campaign is to communicate our social commitment and raise awareness of the problem, in addition to putting

ABN AMRO Foundation
in the spotlight and promoting the contribution we make with our voluntary work.

Thousands of employees take action as volunteers

Since 2001, ABN AMRO Foundation has been committed to helping children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Thousands of bank staff volunteer each year to lend a helping hand to these youngsters. Together with our partners, we organise community-based activities to broaden the horizons of disadvantaged young people. The Youth Education Fund is central to the campaign, but we also do much more voluntary work through the Foundation, including initiatives such as the Bank voor de Klas financial literacy programme, the Maatje op afstand remote language teaching programme for primary school pupils, the Rolmodellen (role models) initiative and training sessions for young people entering the workforce. Here's another fun fact: every year, bank employees are given free days off which they can use to do voluntary work. It's just one more way we're encouraging staff to get involved as volunteers.

Want to learn more?

The campaign runs from 14 December to 24 January. If you'd like to find out more about the full campaign, check out the theme page on

"Equal opportunities for young people"