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Better Impact Measurement, More Effective Spend Management

News | RTL Group | Cologne, 03/10/2021

Better Impact Measurement, More Effective Spend Management

Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL's 'Data Alliance' are poised to launch 'Brand Aid,' an AI-based monitoring software for automated, cross-genre analysis of advertising impact. It is capable of evaluating data from the past four years for more than 1,300 brands from nearly 40 industries - and can do so every day.

The cross-media marketing alliance Ad Alliance promises its customers that it 'sells impact, not just contacts.' One important tool for delivering on this promise is the new AI-based monitoring software 'Brand Aid,' which is to be launched shortly. Developed by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland's 'Data Alliance' in Cologne, the IT application works in a 'data-based, automated, cross-genre and transparent way,' reports Ad Alliance. The 'Data Alliance' is a specialist department within Mediengruppe RTL that has amassed considerable data and data technology expertise.

Ad Alliance reports that cross-media advertising impact analysis, which measures the effects of advertising spending across all media genres and allows for better steering of advertising spend, has become a reality with 'Brand Aid.' On the one hand, the new tool is based on a very broad and deep database, in that it evaluates data from the past four years for more than 1,300 brands from nearly 40 sectors in Germany. And on the other, it can access new data daily for its advertising impact analysis, which enables analyses practically in real-time. Among other things, it can be proven whether and which an advertising euro is well invested, and what share the individual categories have contributed to this. And of course, the software helps to create forecasts on how a campaign needs to be planned in order to achieve maximum impact.

'A tool that makes us proud'

'A deep understanding and analysis of user data and brands is elemental to actively shaping and driving content and marketing,' says Matthias Dang, CEO of Ad Alliance. 'Just as important to the future of modern, successful marketing is the interplay of content, data and technology. For us, this all goes hand in hand, because the 'Data Alliance' gives us a strong brand in the group that also helps us a lot with marketing. Brand Aid, Dang says, is a tool that 'definitely has the potential to become a sounding board in marketing.'

'Proof of advertising impact is crucial and makes all the difference - especially in domestic and international competition,' confirms Karin Immenroth, Chief Data & Analytics Officer Data Alliance at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. 'Brand Aid is a tool that makes us really proud in many ways. The market has lacked automated, daily, cross-genre impact analysis - until now.'

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