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05/12/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/12/2021 06:12

“The future for the crane industry is emission free”

The first jobsite of the LR 1250.1 unplugged was in Oslo. How was your first experience?

Very good, and the crane is still on the project.

What was particulary positive at the crane's premiere?

We had a good presentation in Norway. Even Ingjerd Schou, Vice-President of the Norwegian Parliament, was there and held a speech about the importance of construction sites with zero emission.

How was the feedback from the operator?

Very good. To begin with he missed the accelerator pedal on the floor to adjust the speed of movements, but now he is accustomed to using only the joysticks. By the way, the heating system is brilliant.

Have you received any feedback from Norway's/Oslo's population?

Not yet, but the contractors are very positive.

How important is the reduced noise emission of the crane in such metropoles?

It is also very positive together with zero emissions. It makes it easier to communicate and, in a way, safer on the construction site.

How does the electrical supply for the crane work?

It works very well. We had no problems getting the electrical supply on the construction site.

Have you already planned the next projects for the LR 1250.1 unplugged?

We are working on several projects, but have not yet decided which project we will attend.

Kynningsrud supports a HSE strategy (Health, Safety and Environment). Can you explain this philosophy?

Kynningsrud Nordic Crane shall contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable development. We shall achieve this by identifying our environmental aspects, implement preventive measures and ensure compliance and continuous improvement while simultaneously placing requirements on our selection of goods and suppliers of services.

Our efforts to minimize our influence on the environment involves everyone in the company, and we shall follow all relevant laws, regulations and requirements. When we invest, we think green, and all new machines shall have the latest environmental classification. Our focus is on an environmentally friendly machinery park and reducing our carbon footprint. Our vision, 'pleasure of being useful', and our values 'honest - loyal - enthusiastic' provide a guideline for our environmental efforts.

What role does the unplugged crane play in this?

That should be clear - we aim to minimize our influence on the environment, to reduce our carbon footprint, and as you see - we think green!

Let's talk about tenders for construction projects. Do you already see an increased demand for alternative drive systems for construction machinery?

Yes, absolutely. Particularly in the Oslo region, there is a lot of focus on reducing emissions on construction sites.

If so, you can expect more projects with unplugged cranes, right?

Yes, definitely!

How do you like the name 'unplugged'?

I like this name a lot!