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02/18/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/18/2021 06:13


Wireless Watt & Signal Intelligence
Wireless Watt and Signal Intelligence are two Spanish companies with international presence, focused on the base technology of radio transmission that can be applied in Security, Defense and Mobile Services. They count on profound knowledge in the areas of interferometry, encryption, localization systems, optimised hardware design.
The integration of the company has enabled Amper Group to take a position as a supplier in a lot of sectors of radio technology, with products that take the maximum advantage of SDR (Software Defines Radio) mostly in the communications spectrum.
The total control over Hardware and Software provides them with great flexibility and development potential in that area. All these technological skills currently translate into a wide variety of products, among others:
- Sensors for the Security Forces
- Radio interceptors for mobile communications (Firewall Radio)
- Technologies for user identification through a network of reception equipment
- Advanced interceptors
- Autonomous Detection Systems of multiple radio technologies
- 5G repeaters equipment
Some of their products are being manufactured by corporations in the sector and the national and international security forces. The service and development of Signal Intelligence SL and Wireless Watts SL are a very high added value.