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10/01/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/01/2021 05:39

With the innovative technology of Makedonski Telekom, Skopje is becoming a Smart City

Makedonski Telekom announced the final phase of the Skopje Smart City project, which started in March this year. Through innovative and advanced technology, the capital will get a healthier environment, reduced costs, better services and better communication with citizens, greater security, and thus a better life.

The development of smart cities requires a superb infrastructure and state-of-the-art Narrowband Internet of Things technology, with which Makedonski Telekom confirms its technological leadership in the market. This technology is the basic communication protocol that enables the connection of the smart city applications and functionalities. Once set up, the platform offers great potential and many possibilities. With the network upgrade and the advent of new technologies, such as 5G, this potential will grow increasingly.

On this integrated platform, at this stage we have implemented the following elements for Skopje Smart City: 10000 smart light bulbs and smart lighting system, smart parking sensors, sensor stations for monitoring microclimate parameters, devices for measuring water consumption, interactive mobile application and smart pillars for building a smart network. The number of these devices will increase over time.

"Smart cities are the next stage in urban evolution, an example of using technology for a better life of the citizens. This technology will be a tool with which we can overcome the challenges of today. And our capital is joining the company of the world's smart metropolises and in a very short time we will all feel the benefits. The implementation of this project positions Telekom not only as a technological leader, but also as a leader of long-term social changes, of which we are especially proud" - said Nikola Ljushev, Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

The project also envisages an interactive mobile application "My Skopje" which will serve for communication and providing information to the citizens.

"My Skopje" will bring a whole new level of interaction and information. At this stage, the application will offer the citizens: information about city life, events, happenings and news, surveys, access to applications and services of city institutions and an overview of the parking lots of the City of Skopje.In the next stage, it will be supplemented with contents about traffic and public transport, and infrastructural and utility problems can also be reported."My Skopje" is an innovative, informative and interactive channel for communication with the citizens." - stated from the City of Skopje.

Makedonski Telekom contributes to the success of the project through the financing model, which is another indicator of the company's commitment to socially responsible practices. The City will pay the fee for this investment in the following three years from the electricity savings that will be achieved with the smart lighting. Skopje Smart City will bring over 60% savings in electricity and 70% savings in maintenance costs, reduction of CO2 emissions in the air, better infrastructure, safer streets, efficient use of resources, better life and better environment.