Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

12/07/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/07/2021 02:11

Nine tons of the humanitarian cargo were delivered to Stepanakert for the needy residents of the Nagorno Karabakh by Russian peacekeepers

07.12.2021 (05:00)

The Russian servicemen of the peacekeeping contingent delivered 9 tons of the humanitarian cargo for needy displaced residents and big families to Stepanakert of the Nagorno-Karabakh.

On the eve, the cargo was gathered by the benefactor organizations in Moscow region and transferred by the military transport aviation Il-76 aircraft to Yerevan and from there to Stepanakert by the Russian peacekeepers convoy.

"Today our officers delivered the humanitarian cargo which arrived from Moscow by the military aviation aircraft. Upon arrival, the convoy was conducted from the Erebuni airfield to Stepanakert. The cargo was placed in Stepanakert at the Russian Defence Ministry warehouse, we received about five thousands of toys to provide kids for the New Year, and we plan to deliver 5 thousand more on December 9. The furniture for kindergartens of the settlements was also delivered. That action was possible due to the benefactor organization Mercy, they helped to organize the delivery of the cargo", - said the representative of the Russian peacekeeping contingent Ruslan Ivanov.

The humanitarian cargo consists of New Year toys for five thousand kids, kindergarten furniture, warm beddings, clothes and shoes for needy and also the supply cupboard for students.

The Russian peacekeepers will make a targeted distribution of the cargo to every needy person of Nagorno-Karabakh according to the information gathered by the public office.

The humanitarian mission for the Russian peacekeeping contingent received the systematic character. Russian peacekeepers perform the whole range of activities from gathering the information about needy persons and cooperation with the benefactor organizations to delivery and distribution of the humanitarian cargo to every children's facility and family.

In accordance with the agreements specified in the joint statement of the President of the Russian Federation, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, from 00:00 (Moscow time) on November 10, 2020, a complete ceasefire and all hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh were announced.

To monitor the ceasefire and military operations, a peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation is being deployed in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone.