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12/06/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/06/2018 08:27

Anti-submarine helicopters of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation perform first-ever takeoffs and landings at the deck of the newest corvette Gromky

06.12.2018 (06:00)

Factory sea trials and state trials of the newest corvette Gromky, which is to enter the Pacific Fleet's strength by the end of this year, continue to take place in the Sea of Japan.

As part of the trials, helicopters of naval aviation performed landing at the corvette's deck for the first time. The crews of two Ka-27PL helicopters, in cooperation with the warship's aviation group, worked out landings and takeoffs from the corvette's deck at the stop and on the move in the Peter the Great Bay.

Pilots of the Pacific Fleet performed about 30 takeoffs and landings at the Gromky's deck during the day and nighttime.