Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

06/18/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/18/2019 05:25

Slavic Brotherhood 2019: combined troops train to cross a river

18.06.2019 (07:00)

During three days, paratroopers will train to use Serbian vehicles to cross a river and land on the unequipped shore.

As Lieutenant-Colonel Dragan Kuzhet, the combined battalion commander said, in accordance with the plan of the exercise, after the forward detachment get on special boats and advance to a given area, the main forces of the battalion use the river flotilla ferry and four PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicles follow them to the assigned area to engage illegal armed formations.

According to the concept, the combined battalion will cross the Danube River to deliver advanced forces in order to land on the coast of the Peskovi test site and block the area of operation of illegal armed groups until the main forces of the multinational contingent approach.

It is reported that one pontoon ferry, four PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicles and eight boats of the Serbian Army river flotilla are involved in the event. The military hardware shall be delivered to the task area. Besides, there are two BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers (APC), as well as Rys special-purpose vehicles of the Russian armed forces and Serbian armoured all-terrain vehicles.