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Keep Alaska Open

Thousands of Alaskans could be out of work and the state government could shut down on July 1, if Gov. Mike Dunleavy doesn't sign the budget. Thanks to the hard work of the Alaska AFL-CIO, working people across the Last Frontier are rallying, marching andfighting back to save jobs and keep the state open.

Alaska AFL‑CIO President Vince Beltrami at a recent rally to protest the potential shutdown. Photo Credit: Kimberly Hays, Alaska AFL‑CIO

Message of the Day-Keep Alaska Open

The state legislature has sent Gov. Dunleavy a bipartisan budget, but he has indicated that he could veto it, which would cut some state services, including union jobs.

Additionally, if a budget isn't passed by the end of July, hundreds of Alaska construction workers could be out of a job. That's because the state receives hundreds of millions in federal funds for improvements to highways and airports, but a budget is needed in order to receive that money.

Dunleavy needs to sign the budget to avoid laying Alaskans off and shutting down the state government. Instead, he's spent taxpayer money on ads attacking legislators from both sides of the aisle who oppose him.

The entire labor movement stands with the Alaska AFL-CIO and unions across the state in keeping Alaskans on the job.

Kitchen Table Economics

1,000: The number of jobs lost for every $100 million cut from Alaska's operating budget.

Quote of the Day

'We can't afford a government shutdown. The people that work for this state that service us every day, all they do is show up and go to work every day, and this is a fake budget crisis. There is a responsible budget that has been passed by the Legislature, the governor needs to sign that.' -Alaska AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami (IBEW)

Demanding Better: Town Hall Meetings on NAFTA

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