Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

08/24/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/24/2020 07:52

On the coast of Azov Sea, Clear Sky competition kicks off in the framework of the International Army Games 2020

24.08.2020 (15:50)

At the Yeisk training ground of the Air Defence Forces of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation, the Clear Sky competition was launched as part of the International Army Games 2020 a large-scale ceremony was held with the participation of the leadership of the Russian Land Forces, heads of delegations of the participating countries and team members.

The event began with a ceremony to raise the flag of the International Army Games and a parting speech.

Then teams from Belarus, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan marched in front of the spectators.

The grand opening of the competition continued with a dynamic display of weapons and military equipment of the Air Defence Forces of the Land Forces, which demonstrated some of the capabilities of the Strela-10 combat vehicle, the Tunguska anti-aircraft gun-missile system, the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system and the legendary anti-aircraft gun ZU-23-2, which for greater mobility was installed on the base of the KamAZ track.

The first day of competition will take place on August 26, where the commanders of the air defence crews of the participating teams will compete.

Clear Sky international competition will be held at the Yeysky training ground until September 5, 2020.