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06/19/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/19/2019 16:22

Matthew Wolff: In-depth 'What's in the bag?' and one of the coolest headcovers in golf

CROMWELL, Conn. - As previously reported by PGATOUR.COM, amateur standout Matthew Wolff announced that he joined Team TaylorMade ahead of his professional debut at the 2019 Travelers Championship. TaylorMade officially confirmed today that the company and Wolff have started a multi-year equipment deal.

For more information about the TaylorMade clubs Wolff is using at the Travelers Championship, PGATOUR.COM caught up with the person who knows his equipment best: Ryan Ressa.

Ressa, Manager of Product Development at TaylorMade, works with junior and collegiate golfers, helping them with their equipment needs. Wolff and Ressa first started working together around 2013, and Wolff has been playing TaylorMade products ever since, according to Ressa.

'He was a really good player, a really solid athlete,' Ressa said of Wolff when he was around 14 years old. 'A lot of juniors came to the Kingdom (TaylorMade's fitting center) at that time, but when he came through, that's when the light clicked on… the guy is just a natural talent. When you see some of the things he does with the golf club and the golf ball, that hasn't changed since he was 13. Like the sound he creates now, that was the one thing that stood out back then.'

When it comes to equipment, Ressa says he's not one to tinker a lot. Back when Wolff was a junior golfer and into his collegiate years at Oklahoma State University, he'd go to the Kingdom once in January to get fit into the new product, and he wouldn't change much all year after that, except for an occasional loft tweak.

'He likes what he likes, but he's also not hesitant to try or put new stuff in,' Ressa said. 'He'll come in January when we have the new product. He'll hit it and we'll get him into it and he'll get comfortable with it over the next couple weeks and then he'll go with it. He doesn't tinker much.'

As for his current equipment, Wolff has made a few recent changes. Ressa takes PGATOUR.COM through his equipment at the Travelers Championship (as of Wednesday's practice session) below.