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09/15/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/15/2020 09:38

Rich McCormick: Trump ‘Hurts My Campaign’

It's the latest gaffe for the deeply-flawed and underfunded GOP nominee in GA-07, a district where the Republican Party is in 'free fall '

In many places, an albatross is a white bird.

In Georgia's 7th Congressional District, an albatross is a White House.

Inside of the Atlanta suburbs where the GOP's brand is in 'free fall,' it's getting so bad that even one of President Trump's most die-hard defenders is admitting the problem Trump represents for his campaign.

GA-07 Republican nominee Rich McCormick, who has spent every moment of his campaign mimicking the worst of President Trump's extreme views and far-right rhetoric, accidentally told the truth in a recent interview:

McCormick: 'You may not like what President Trump says. A lot of people don't like it sometimes. It hurts my campaign to hear what he says.'

Interviewer: 'He can get Twitter happy.'

McCormick: 'Yup, and it's not because - at least you know where he stands. He's the guy that's at the party who says… what he wants to say and whether or not he sleeps… at least you know where he stands.'

At least.

Click here for the full interview and don't miss McCormick's call to privatize Social Security starting at 24:40.