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Problems Pile Up For Democrat Darling Jon Ossoff In GA-06 Special Election


  • Progressive special interest groups and Democrat Party bosses are spending big to support Ossoff's campaign to install another Democrat that will vote in lock-step with Washington liberals.
  • Ossoff explicitly overstated his policy experience and mischaracterized the amount of time he had a security clearance while working on national security policy.
  • Ossoff does not even live in the district he's running to represent.


Ossoff Does Not Even Live In The District He's Trying To Represent

Ossoff Does Not Even Live In The District He Wants To Represent. 'The surprising early leader in the special election to replace Tom Price in Congress doesn't live in the district.' ('Race To Replace Price: Leading In Polls, Ossoff Doesn't Live In District,' 11 Alive ABC , 02/28/17)

Ossoff Touts The Fact That He Is 'A Small Business Owner' And 'The CEO Of A Company On His Campaign Website .' 'Jon is a small business owner, executive, and entrepreneur - the CEO of a company that produces documentaries investigating organized crime and political corruption.' ( Jon's Priorities , Elect Jon, Campaign Website, 01/05/17)

  • Ossoff Even Stresses The Need To Attract More Jobs To The Area In A Campaign Ad. OSSOFF: 'We need to attract more high-tech and research jobs to the area.'(Campaign Ad, ' Accountable ,' 03/03/17)

But He Fails To Mention That His Company, Insight TWI Limited, Is Based In Middlesex, London . ('Contact Us,' Insight TWI, Accessed 03/29/17)

Ossoff's Campaign Admits His National Security Credentials Have Been Grossly Misrepresented By Ossoff And His Campaign

Jon Ossoff's Campaign Ad Says Ossoff Was A 'National Security Aide With Top Secret Clearance' While Working In Congress. NARRATOR: 'As a national security aide with top secret clearance, Jon Ossoff saw waste and abuse by military contractors and fought to stop it.' (Campaign Ad, ' Warrior,' 03/03/17)

Ossoff's Official Campaign Announcement Touts His Work 'As A National Security Staffer In Congress For 5 Years.' ' A Georgia native who grew up in the Sixth District, Ossoff served Georgia as a national security staffer in Congress for five years before leaving government for the private sector.' ( Campaign Announcement , Elect Jon, Campaign Website, 01/05/17)

The Washington Post 's Factchecker Called Ossoff's National Security Comments 'Misleading' And 'Resume Puffery.' 'We take a reasonable-person approach here at The Fact Checker. Would an ordinary viewer understand that Ossoff's clearance was for less than half a year? Not very likely. Moreover, declaring himself a 'senior national security staffer' is also bit too much résumé puffery. Technically, Ossoff walks a very careful line. But the overall impression is misleading enough to merit a Pinocchio.' (Glenn Kessler, 'Did A Democratic Congressional Hopeful Inflate His National Security Credentials,' The Washington Post , 04/03/17)

The Atlantic Journal-Constitution Reported That 'Ossoff And His Campaign Said He Was Granted Those Privileges [National Security Staffer With Top Security Clearances] Working For Johnson After His 2006 Election.' ' A House GOP super PAC unleashed a $1.1 million ad campaign featuring footage of him dressed as Han Solo while at Georgetown University - and claims he 'lied about his resume' by asserting he worked for five years as a national security staffer with top security clearances. Ossoff and his campaign said he was granted those privileges working for Johnson after his 2006 election, while the super PAC said he's claiming time spent as a junior staffer as part of that calculation.' (Greg Bluestein, 'Republican, Democrats Target Ossoff In Georgia Special Election,' Atlantic Journal-Constitution , 03/20/17)

However, Last Month, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reported That Ossoff's Campaign Admits He Left Congress Five Months After Receiving His Security Clearance.' 'His campaign said he got 'top-secret security clearance' in March 2012 and left about five months later.' (Greg Blustein, 'Political Insider,' Atlantic Journal-Constitution , 03/28/17)

In Total, Ossoff Only Had The 'Security Clearance From March To August 2012.' 'Ossoff worked part time in Johnson's office from 2007-09; Pontoni also cited a piece of legislation Ossoff worked on in 2007 related to a Ugandan civil war that involved U.S. special forces. Ossoff was a fulltime staffer under Johnson from 2010-12, and he did have top-secret security clearance from March to August 2102.' (Christopher Hopper, 'Race To Replace Tom Price: Verifying Jon Ossoff's National Security Background,' 11 Alive ABC , 03/28/17)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution : Ossoff's Campaign Further Admits He Only Worked For 'Three Years As A Full-Time Staffer.' ' The timeline shows Ossoff worked for Johnson for about two-and-a-half years on a part-time basis and another three years as a full-time staffer.' (Greg Blustein, 'Political Insider,' Atlantic Journal-Constitution , 03/28/17)


Since He Joined Insight TWI Limited, Ossoff's Company Produced Nine Films For Al-Jazeera, Which Has Been Accused Of 'Sexism,' 'Anti-Semitism' And Fostering 'A Culture Of Fear'

This Year, Jon Ossoff Announced He Would Run As A Democrat For Georgia's Sixth Congressional Seat. ' Jon Ossoff , who runs a firm specializing in anti-corruption investigations, is one of five Democrats running in an April 18 special election in Georgia's 6th congressional district . The winner will replace Republican Tom Price, who was appointed as Health and human services secretary in the Trump administration.' ('Jon Ossoff Is Running As A Democrat In Georgia Special Election,'Atlantic Journal-Constitution , 03/17/17)

According to LinkedIn, Ossoff Worked At Insight TWI Limited As The Managing Director & CEO Since September 2013. ( Jon Ossoff LinkedIn Page , Accessed 03/30/17)

Since 2013, The Year Ossoff Was Appointed Managing Director, Nine Out Of Ten Films Produced By Insight TWI Were For Al-Jazeera. ('Our Films,' Insight TWI, Accessed 03/28/17)

American Journalism Review Reported Al-Jazeera Has 'Earned A Reputation As A Mouthpiece For Terrorists.' 'For years, critics have assailed what they see as anti-Semitic, anti-American bias in the channel's news content. In the wake of 9/11, Al Jazeera broadcast statements by Osama bin Laden and reported from within the ranks of the Taliban, earning a reputation as a mouthpiece for terrorists.' (Sherry Ricchiardi, 'The Al Jazeera Effect,' American Journalism Review , 04/21/11)

The Washington Post Unveiled 'Connections' Between A 'Senior Figure In The Islamic State' (ISIS) And An Al-Jazeera Employee. 'The Islamic State has also exploited apparent connections to news organizations in the Middle East. A video that surfaced in 2013 appeared to show an Al Jazeera correspondent working with a cameraman, Reda Seyam, a militant who had been linked to terrorist plots and is a senior figure in the Islamic State.' (Greg Miller and Souad Mekhennet, 'Inside The Surreal World Of The Islamic State's Propaganda Machine,' The Washington Post , 11/20/15)

The New York Times Reported Al-Jazeera Shuttered Its U.S. Operation In 2016, Approximately A Year After Lawsuits Against The Company Levied Complaints Of A 'Culture Of Fear,' 'Sexism' And 'Anti-Semitism.' ' To make matters worse, turmoil hit the newsroom last year when staff members complained bitterly of a culture of fear . There was an exodus of top executives, along with a pair of lawsuits from former employees that included complaints about sexism and anti-Semitism at the news channel.' (John Koblin, 'Al Jazeera America To Shut Down By April,' The New York Times , 01/13/16)

Ossoff, Who Was Paid By Al-Jazeera Directly, Stubbornly Stands By His Business Dealings With The Qatar-Based Company

According To A Recently Filed Disclosure Report, Al-Jazeera Paid Ossoff More Than $5,000 In The Past 15 Months. (Jon Ossoff, Congressional Candidate, United States House Of Representatives, Financial Disclosure Report , 03/18/17)

Ossoff's Campaign 'Stands By' His Business Dealings With Al-Jazeera. ''Jon condemns partisan attacks that appeal to fear,' his campaign said of the Al-Jazeera focus, 'and stands by his work as a journalist and businessman.'' (Greg Bluestein, 'Republicans, Democrats Target Ossoff In Georgia Special Election,' Atlanta Journal-Constitution , 03/20/17)


Nancy Pelosi And Other Progressive D.C. Insiders And Special Interest Groups Trip Over Each Other To Pump Money And Resources Into Ossoff's Coffers

Yet, A Veritable Who's-Who Of Democratic Insiders Co-Hosted A Fundraiser For Ossoff In Washington D.C., Including Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Ben Ray Lujan, And Many Others. 'HOUSE DEMOCRATS HOST OSSOFF FUNDRAISER: The top House Democratic brass will host a fundraiser on Thursday at Democratic National Committee headquarters for Jon Ossoff, whom Democrats have seized on as their best shot at snapping up the conservative-leaning House seat in the Atlanta suburbs vacated by HHS Secretary Tom Price. Among the headliners: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ; Minority Whip Steny Hoyer ; Assistant Minority Leader Jim Clyburn ; Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley ; Caucus Vice Chairwoman Linda Sánchez ; DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján ; and Reps. Sanford Bishop , Hank Johnson , John Lewis and David Scott , all Georgia Democrats. The jungle primary for the special election is April 18.' (Politico Influence, 'House Democrats Host Ossoff Fundraiser,' Politico , 03/13/17)

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean's Political Action Committee Endorsed Ossoff. 'Democracy for America, a political action committee founded by former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, is backing Ossoff, according to a statement obtained first by Roll Call. It's the group's first congressional endorsement of the 2018 cycle.'(Simone Pathe, 'Georgia Democrat Scores Another Major Liberal Endorsement,' Roll Call , 03/03/17)

  • Ossoff Also Received A 'Progressive' Endorsement From End Citizens United PAC . 'End Citizens United, a liberal political action committee, is throwing its weight behind Democrat Jon Ossoff in the race to replace Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in Georgia's 6th District.' (Simone Pathe, 'Georgia Democrat Picks Up Progressive Endorsement,' Roll Call , 02/22/17)
  • The Congressional Campaign Arm Of The Democratic Party Is Sending Staff To Georgia To Boost His Candidacy. 'The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is sending staff to the district to boost Ossoff, who's one of five Democrats running in an 18-candidate jungle primary on April 18.'(Simone Pathe, 'Georgia Democrat Scores Another Major Liberal Endorsement,' Roll Call , 03/03/17)
  • Politico Reported That Daily Kos Donated More Money To Ossoff 'Than The Group Had Ever Directed To Any Campaign Other Than Elizabeth Warren's.' 'Daily Kos members have since donated nearly $400,000 to Ossoff - more than the group had ever directed to any campaign other than Elizabeth Warren 's 2012 Senate run.' (Scott Bland, 'Progressives Pour Cash Into Anti-Trump Resistance,' Politico , 02/02/17)
  • Politico: 'Liberal Daily Kos Website Endorsed [Ossoff].' ' The fundraising wave has even buoyed little-known Jon Ossoff, a Georgia Democrat whom the liberal Daily Kos website endorsed last Thursday for a House special election.' (Scott Bland, 'Progressives Pour Cash Into Anti-Trump Resistance,' Politico , 02/02/17)