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01/14/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2021 05:48

More than 200 explosive objects were defused by Russian sappers in Laos

14.01.2021 (13:00)

Military personnel of the International Main Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces found more than 200 explosive objects in the area of Thonghaihin airfield in Sienghuang province (Lao People's Democratic Republic) during humanitarian demining. At the same time, the total area cleared by the sappers is more than one hectare.

The military personnel of the mine clearance unit carry out the excavation, identification and determination of the degree of danger of each signal received from the search facilities.

The explosive items they found are of the type of American-made BLU-26, BLU-63 and BLU-3B cluster bombs, as well as artillery ammunition of various calibers.

A feature of demining in this area is the occurrence of detectable ammunition at a depth of 170 centimeters and a large number of ferromagnetic elements, which significantly complicates the search and identification of explosive objects.

The personnel of the demining detachment use modern domestic means of search, detection and protection (induction mine detector IMP-3, deep metal detector MG-1I, magnetometric bomb detector MBI-P2 and subsurface detector PPO-2I).

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The 32-strong detachment of the International Mine Action of the Russian Armed Force was despatched to the Lao People's Democratic Republic in order to assist in demining the territory by the decision of the President of the Russian Federation - the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. This is the third mission of the Russian military personnel of the mine centre to the Lao People's Democratic Republic.