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Leading Change: Women's Leadership Conference Call for Proposals

The Women's Center and Leadership Programs are hosting the Leading Change: Women's Leadership Conference on Friday, March 6, 2020.

The theme for our conference is Leading Change: A World of Opportunity.

As our students prepare for continued service, engagement with, and commitment to their communities outside of Georgia College, it is imperative that we challenge their ways of thinking to be based more in global perspectives. Coinciding again with Women's History Month, this conference is designed to give students the opportunity to explore diverse outlets for sustained leadership efforts, learn new skills to lead and collaborate within diverse communities and understand the unique privilege that impacts their global footprint. The conference incorporates students, staff, alumni, faculty  and community members as speakers and presenters in order to give our students access to a wide variety of experience and knowledge. The content engages our students in critical thought around entering into their broader communities and how to lead in collaboration with diverse constituents. Some topics we hope to see addressed include: self-awareness around privilege and power, overcoming barriers to leadership, effective communication, collaborating with diverse constituents and unique communities, dealing with resistance, strengths-based leadership, feminism and cultural competency in the workplace.

Remaining rooted in the Change Model, we are seeking program presenters who can help foster learning and discovery around the primary focus areas: self-discovery and group dynamics, with a heightened concentration on community/societal change, while attending to one of the seven  C's of the Social Change Model of leadership development:
Individual Values
Consciousness of Self and Others
Group Process Values
Common Purpose
Controversy with Civility
Community/Society Values

Sessions are 50 minutes long and should provide in-depth information, practical ideas, and specific strategies for the attendees to use in their own lives. Hands-on examples, opportunities to practice new skills, and active participant involvement are encouraged. NOTE: Sessions cannot be used to sell or endorse products or services.

We are especially interested in the following types of sessions:
Workshops: This type of session includes audience participation and active learning. This type of session should provide participants with the opportunity to actively engage with the content, receive tangible action-oriented strategies, apply ideas to their own lives, and/or develop new skills and leadership insights.

Roundtable sessions: This type of session is designed for relevant outcome focused discussions on a timely leadership topic related to self-discovery, interpersonal relationships, or community. For this type of session, a moderator, plus 2 to 3 panelists is required. Panelists should situate their discussion in best practices, personal narratives, professional observations, or leadership theory, and engage participants through question and answer periods.

Successful proposals will provide evidence for how facilitators will:
• Address the conference theme of Leading Change;
• Address one of the focus areas - self-discovery, group dynamics, or community;
• Engage participants in active, experiential, and/or collaborative learning;
• Address the needs of women* across contexts, including the workplace, community, school; and
• Be inclusive and relevant to participants of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

While focusing on the individuals who identify as women, attendance at the Women*s Leadership Conference will be open to all students, professionals, and community members, including individuals of all gender identities.

To submit a proposal for a workshop, please use the link: