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GOTNV Update: Ways You can Participate in the Census 2020

GOTNV Update: Ways You can Participate in the Census 2020

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and the hardest state to count in the decennial U.S. Census. Many rural areas of Alaska will require more help than other places due to the state's difficult geography, which makes it less accessible. Undercounting in a Native community negatively impacts the voice of the Native people, denying them a full voice in policy decision-making and resulting in lowered federal funding for their community. This is why it is critically important to educate and inform Native communities about Census 2020. When communities are informed, they are more likely to participate and motivate others to participate in the Census 2020, so that everyone can be counted!

Volunteer for the Complete Count Committee

Complete Count Committees are established by tribal, state and local governments and community leaders to increase awareness of the importance of being counted in the decennial census. Volunteers also motivate their community to respond to the census so the community receives appropriate funding for its needs. These volunteers have local knowledge of their community and use it to plan and implement census awareness campaigns to address the needs of their community and to reach out to undercounted areas.

Examples of tribal and government Complete Count Committee strategies:

  1. Set clear, achievable goals and objectives.
  2. Identify areas of the community that might need extra effort to be counted.
  3. Work with community-based organizations and groups that have direct contact with households who may be hard to count.
  4. Create promotional materials and products customized for the local area.
  5. Implement special events to ensure the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census.
  6. Build awareness of the census and its benefits, and motivate response through social media, newsletters and other communications.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to learn more on the census website.

Earn an Extra Income While Helping Your Community

The Census Bureau will be recruiting thousands of people across the country to assist in the 2020 Census count. There will be a variety of temporary positions open for the 2020 Census that include census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff, and supervisory staff. Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years old, be a U.S. citizen, and have a valid social security number. Visit the census website to learn more about open positions, the application process, and to check the pay rates.

Alaska Census 2020 Timeline

  • Ongoing → American Community Survey
  • January 2019 → Area Census Office opens in Anchorage
  • January 2019 → Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) materials mailed to borough and tribal governments who signed up
  • July 2019 → Communications and advertising campaign begins
  • August 2019 → In-field address canvassing and group quarters operation begins
  • January 2020 → Enumeration of remote Alaska begins in Toksook Bay
  • March 2020 → Door-to-door enumeration and enumeration at transitory locations begins
  • April 1, 2020 → 2020 Census Day
  • April 2020 → Non-response follow-up begins for households that did not submit a census form

Because of past issues with the accuracy of the census, many governments and organizations have established tribal liaison positions to act as representatives for gathering census data. To learn more, view the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Guide and the 2020 Census Research, Operational Plans, and Oversight.